Best Bluetooth Earphones in India (Reviewed July 2021)

Tired of tangling cables, and getting frustrated all the time? Or perhaps you just want to look cool like some guy from a particular action movie? If so, then why don’t you get yourself the best budget Bluetooth earphones in India 2020?

Oh, not yet familiar with Bluetooth? Well, it’s merely a high-speed wireless link technology that is particularly engineered to connect electronic stuff such as smartphones to another electronic gadget or tool – in this case an earphone to make you hear the inputted audio or sound from the source device.

Well, let’s stop the blabbering for a while and move on to the top 10 best wireless earphones in India 2020. However, take note that we divided them into two categories so you can quickly decide what to choose: Truly wireless and Wireless.  f you want to have a look at Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 5000 in India 2020 this post will surely guide you.

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Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India 2020

Truly Wireless

1) Apple MMEF2 Wireless Airpod

Apple AirPods

Three words to define Apple Original MMEF2 Wireless AirPod: Magical, effortless, and wireless. These Bluetooth earphones can change the way you use headsets. One reason is whenever you pull these AirPods out of its charging case, they immediately turn on and link to your Mac, iPad, Apple watch, and of course your iPhone.

Its audio automatically plays as soon as you put them in, and pauses after taking them out. Also, you can quickly get directions, make a call, change the song, or adjust the volume by merely double-tapping Siri.

This magical Airpods is driven by the custom Apple W1 chip, and motion accelerometer and optical sensors to detect when they’re in your ears. Whether you’re currently using AirPods, the W1 chip will automatically route the current audio and will engage the mic. And when you’re talking to Siri or on a particular call, an additional accelerometer works with beam-forming mics to filter out ambient noise and focus on the sound of your voice.

Since its ultra-low-power W1 chip handles the battery life really well, AirPods provide an industry-leading 5 hours of the listening session on one charge. And of course, they’re specially engineered to keep up with you, thanks to a charging case that carries multiple extra charges for more than a day of the listening session.

Well, to sum it up, here are some highlights of MMEF2 Airpod:

  • After a simple tap setup, AirPods will automatically turn on and will always stay linked. Using them is really convenient. Airpods can sense when they’re in your ears, and pause upon taking them out. Moreover, the listening experience is fantastic whether you’re listening to Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, or your iPhone.
  • This product delivers rich, high-quality AAC audio output. And if you want to be heard, its dual beam-forming mic will filter out ambient noise when you talk to Sir or make calls.
  • Integrated with a custom-designed Apple W1 chip, on which this chip generates incredible efficient wireless experience for improved sound and a better connection. Also, this particular chip handles the AirPods battery life so well so users can listen using it for five hours on a single charge. Of course, this particular chip also helps to achieve better sound output.
  • MMEF2 Airpods are made to keep up with you as it can last for up to five hours of listening. It’s all thanks to a charging case that holds multiple extra charges for more than 24 hrs. of the listening session. In fact, just 15 minutes in the charging case can give your AIrPods another three hours of listening time.
  • Original product
  • Perfect size
  • The ease of pairing and the quality of sound is similar to that of an iOS
  • Insane battery life
  • Impressive sound quality over network calls
  • Two people can listen to AirPods together
  • Seamless transfer of audio to another AirPods when it is taken out of the case
  • Pairing is quick and easy
  • Comes with a charging case that acts as a power bank
  • Flexible
  • Excellent sound quality output
  • Great ambient noise
  • Not water-resistant
  • Needs a silicon cover for case protection
  • Quite expensive

2) Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition)

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) Cord-free Fitness Earbuds (US Version) - Black

Wherever you are, don’t forget to bring your favorite soundtrack along with Samsung Gear IconX fitness earphones. With its entirely wireless design and long-lasting battery life, you can get to your favorite music every workout while keeping track of how intense you’re an exercise is.

Samsung Gear IconX doesn’t only stream music through Bluetooth, but it also stores and plays them. It can store up to 1,000 songs due to its 4 GB of built-in storage and then listen to them by merely toggling the controls built-in on the earphone.

Moreover, when it’s time to charge up, get a full hour of play time from just 10 minutes of plug-in time from a power source. Or perhaps you need to recharge on the go? Well, just stick these earphones in its carry case. Due to its own integrated battery, the earphones can nearly do another full charge.

Control your music easily. Swipe or tap your earphones to your next song, speak commands via Google Voice or Bixby. Or answer a call and turn on background noise. Additionally, if you decided to take out these earphones, the music will automatically stop playing.

In addition to all of those, these earphones are very comfortable as you can forget that they are even in your ears. They fit really well while producing that high quality of sound.

To sum it up, here’s what Gear IconX has to offer:

  • Can be used to take calls or stream music from your iOS tablet or handset. However, fitness functions that need the use of Samsung S-Health app are not available for iOS.
  • Comes with multiple sizes of wing-tips and ear-tips for a perfect fit.
  • You can now meet your fitness goals with real-time voice guidance, calorie, distance, and speed tracking because of its integrated special fitness features.
  • You can speak commands through Goole Voice or Bixby and control your music with a single swipe or tap.
  • Long battery life as you can do five hours of Bluetooth streaming, 4 hours of talking, and 7 hours of MP3 listening.
  • Excellent earphones for gym use
  • Can auto-detect a workout that fits for your
  • Comes with 3 sizes of ear-bud fittings
  • Snug fit
  • Excellent ambient noise isolation
  • Flexible ambient sound option
  • Comes with a charging case
  • The touchpad is really responsive
  • Clear and deep sound output
  • Enables to speak command via Bixby or Google Voice
  • Very comfortable
  • Can store up to 1,000 songs due to 4GB storage
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Left ear-bud can’t be detected sometimes, so you have to re-sync it all over again
  • A bit pricey

3) Bose Sound Sports Free

Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones (Black)

This product is truly free from wires, and most likely it’ll be your workout’s secret weapon. They are free from wires so users will be able to enjoy total freedom when they’re doing some intense workout. Moreover, these earphones are packed with advanced technologies to give a crisp, and powerful sound output that’s undoubtedly full of life.

It has no hisses, cracks, or pops. It maintains a reliable and strong wireless signal, whether your smartphones is in your hand, strapped to your arm, or in your gym bag. They merely fit comfortably and of course securely so you can climb, lift, jump, run, sprint, or twist and turn without worry. In addition to that, these earphones are engineered with water-repellent mesh, making sure that the rain and sweat will stay out, so users will only hear their motivational soundtracks.

To sum it up, here are some highlights of Bose Sound Sports Free Truly Wireless earphones:

  • No wires, therefore no compromises. The manufacturer – Bose is obsessed over every detail to make their headsets with a stable and reliable signal, so that all you can hear is your favorite music, and bring your workout program to the next level.
  • Water and sweat resistant since these earphones are made with water-repellent with an IPX4 rating to ensure that you would be able to push your workout to the max without compromising your performance.
  • It’s made to stay put while still feeling good because of its angled nozzle that gives secure and snug fit. Go ahead, and put your body into an intense workout and these earphones will surely stay right there with you.
  • Convenient control as you can take a call, change the volume, play or pause the music very easily. Also, the voice prompts can make the Bluetooth pairing a piece of cake.
  • It has the tracker, so you don’t need to worry when it gets lost. Simply use its “Find My Buds” feature to track it. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry because an audio signal from the earphone can alert you to its current location.
  • Moreover, you can also manage Bluetooth connections, get software updates, personalize your settings, and switch between your devices.
  • You can charge it on the ago as the magnetized case protects your earphones and hold them in place while you’re traveling along with them.
  • And as the case holds them, it charges them too. It can also give two additional charging cycles or up to ten hours of battery life.
  • Good for working out
  • Integrated with advanced technologies to provide high-quality sound output
  • A reliable and strong wireless signal
  • Integrated with water-repellent mesh
  • Snug fit
  • Incorporated with convenient controls
  • Comes with a tracker
  • Comes with a charging case
  • Excellent battery life
  • Gets constant firmware update
  • Great bass
  • Up-to 5 hours battery life
  • Covering the right side with a hand can lose the connectivity
  • Videos do not sync really well

4) Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case (Titanium Black)

These wireless earphones are engineered for genuine wireless calls and music experience, providing clarity of sound during conversations at the same time. It also offers of up to 15 hours of battery life along with its included charging case.

Jabra Elite 65t Alexa earphones are IP55 rated against damage from dust and water. Also, with a customizable equalizer, you can personalize your favorite soundtrack to make it sound the way you want it to be.

Aside from those, it has an excellent call and voice quality. The reason is that of its four-microphone technology that offers users an effective wind noise reduction during calls. Additionally, it comes with advanced speakers that are just 6 millimeters in size the blocks out or lets in background noises.

Moreover, you can keep track of your battery charge, modify how much nearby noise you want to hear, customize your music profile, choose your voice assistant, and many more because of the Jabra Sound+ app which is the perfect companion to these Jabra earphones.

Comparing it to AirPods, the sound quality of these Jabra earphones is superior. If ever you’re interested in hearing a good bass in your favorite music, then these are the ones to use. But fit is the key here. Jabra earphones come with 3 sizes of ear-tips. For most, the large and the medium ones will do the trick. Just put in mind that the fit has to feel the same as when you put your fingers in ears and close them.

And about the Jabra app, it’s good. It has more useful features than you’ll generally find. You can fine-tune your experience with things such as how much you hear the background noise when you’re listening through your earphones. This is pretty nice since the noise cancellation of these earphones is really good. It is the passive kind, and you’ll not hear the conversation in the room if you’re listening through these earphones.

  • Smooth and fast pairing
  • Superb sound output
  • Snug fit and grip
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with the Jabra app with equalizer and other features
  • No lags while watching videos
  • Easy to carry around
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Automatically reconnects when connection losses
  • Not magnetic
  • Not really suitable for workouts such as running as connection tend to loss
  • Equalizer settings in Jabra sound + app and Google Play music are at constant disagreements

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1) Bose SoundSport

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones (Black)

Go ahead and push yourself as no cables are holding you back by using these earphones, while also providing you an impressive audio experience to match the intensity of your workout. Bose SoundSport Wireless earphones are volume-optimized EQ that gives consistent, high-quality sound output, even when you have to turn it up in a crowded gym.

And its newly redesigned StayHear + tips are more stable now, thus enhancing the audio performance of the earphone. Also, you have full control without breaking stride so you can take calls, change volume, and songs without reaching for your device. Bose SoundSport simply makes your listening sessions convenient so you can focus on your intense workout.

With no wires in your way, these earphones will keep you moving with powerful audio, and its Stay Hear + tips are designed for added stability and comfort. A soft silicone material and unique shape incorporated with it give a snug fit that stays put while not compromising comfortability.

Connect to your devices easily with its NFC and Bluetooth pairing, and use its in-line microphone along with its remote to control the volume, take calls, and skip tracks. Also with its Bose Connect app, controlling and switching between different devices will be easy.

These headphones are weather and sweat resistant and are integrated with a lithium-ion battery that provides up to six hours per charge. With a performance such as this, the only challenge left for the user is their training.

To sum it up, here’s the highlight of Bose SoundSport earphones:

  • It has a sound output that stays true to your favorite music because of its volume-optimized EQ that maintains a consistent, sonically balanced performance. The sound quality simply stays true to your favorite music at any volume, so you’d be able to drown out your noisy commute.
  • Easy wireless connection due to quick Bluetooth pairing from one-touch NFC or the Bose Connect app pairing. Switching between your devices is now easy since voice prompts guide you through it.
  • Incorporated with soft silicon material and a uniquely redesigned shape that creates a gentle seal at the entrance of your ear for enhanced audio performance. This feature also helps you to bring you closer to your music and stay there.
  • Keeps up your music even during your most intense workouts because of its weather and sweat resistant feature. With this, you can go all out.
  • Comes with a Lithium-ion battery that delivers of up to 6 hours per charge so your music can last your entire workout program. Additionally, a 15-minute charge gives 1 hour of play time.
  • Integrated with an in-line microphone and a remote to let you quickly change volume, initiate voice commands, take calls, and skip tracks, so that you can stay in control during your listening sessions without reaching for your device.
  • The balanced sound at any volume thanks to Bose active EQ
  • Wireless freedom thanks to easy NFC and Bluetooth pairing
  • Integrated with StayHear+ tips for extra stability and comfort
  • Sweat and weather resistant
  • Can stay up to six hours per charge
  • High-quality sound output
  • Consistently balanced at any volume
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairing is added by voice prompts
  • Well-constructed and durable
  • Remains in-place even during an intense workout
  • The bass is so deep and high-quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Snug fit
  • Excellent weight
  • Not great noise cancellation and isolation
  • Only comes with a charging cable instead of a charging case

2) Sony WI-1000X

Sony WI-1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling Neck Band in-Ear Headphones (Black)

With the new Sony WI-1000X Premium earphones, you can now hear your favorite music without any kind of disruptions. These Bluetooth wireless earphones have industry-leading digital noise cancellation feature that adapts to altitude which is perfect if you’re a traveler who always flies. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the best wireless earphones out there.

The integrated smart listening feature of these earphones can detect your activities and adjust the sound of the surroundings appropriately, and you can even maximize your sound experience in different listening settings such as halls and arenas, clubs, and outdoor stages. If you want a listening session without any slight distraction, then WI-1000X can take you to a whole new level.

Now to sum it up, here’s the highlight of Sony WI-1000X Premium earphones:

  • Leading noise cancellation technology so you can listen free from wires and unnecessary noise.
  • Adaptive sound control that automatically detects your activities whether you’re traveling, sitting in a quiet area, and walking in a crowded street.
  • This feature also adjusts atmospheric pressure in line with your activities.
  • Adjust background noises with WI-1000X so you can hear essential sounds such as announcements or traffics while listening to your favorite soundtrack on the move.
  • Hands-free calling because of its vibration notification. Your conversation can flow freely because of its easy, hands-free calling, and alerts from its vibration notification. With this feature, you can now leave your phone without missing anything important. Simply speak with a click.
  • Its atmospheric pressure optimizing gives optimal sound even at high altitude so users can enjoy noise cancellation while traveling on a plane.
  • Listen to your favorite music that stays true to its original recording with WI-1000X high-resolution audio. Enhanced for high-resolution audio, S-Master HX lowers disruption that improves your music hearing experience and allows you to enjoy all the delicacy in your music.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life, non-stop.
  • Smart cable management to keep your cable neatly out of the way in its slim, zip-style holder.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • More compact than over-the-ear headphones
  • Not bulky when left around the neck
  • Atmospheric pressure control via the app is good
  • Comes with a battery alert on pressing the power
  • Vibrates when a mobile receives a call
  • Wire management option is hand and unique
  • Good build quality
  • Cover and accessories have good quality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Enhanced high-resolution audio
  • Integrated with smart-listening feature
  • Best wireless earphones in the market today
  • Best Bluetooth earphones in India
  • Not really comfortable especially if worn beyond 5 hours, non-stop
  • No IP rating
  • Can’t connect to two devices simultaneously
  • Not water resistant

3) Optima NuForce BE Sport4

NuForce Optima BE Sport4 Wireless Sport Sweat Proof, AAC + aptX, Quick Charge, Graphene Drivers Earphones with 10h Battery Life (Black)

Stay focused when pushing yourself to the limits with Optima NuForce BE Sport4 earphones as it is designed with the active and athlete lifestyle in mind. These earphones are up for any task and challenge as it is integrated with ultra-durable IPX5 water resistance rating, impressive 10-hours battery life, lightweight design, and audiophile sound quality.

Its IPX5 water resistance makes sure that you’re ready for any activities such as hiking, snow activities, intense training workouts, or marathons without letting your sweat, snow, rain, or mud interrupt your listening session.

Moreover, Optima NuForce BE Sport4 earphones are incorporated with Graphene-coated drivers that provide crystal clear, audiophile sound while an AC and apt support optimize audio quality for both Android and Apple devices.

In addition to that, its fantastic battery life ensures ten hours of music playback for non-stop listening session that provides your workouts and training programs. It is also durable and at the same time, lightweight because of the material it is made from, which is a combination of polycarbonate and aluminum housing

Aside from all of those, one crucial factor is how fast it can get charged. If you forgot to charge, a quick 15-minute charge could give you 2 hours of listening time. Regarding comfort, it is incorporated with revolutionary spin fit twin blade ear tips to provide optimum stability and comfort, secure fit while interchangeable silicone ear wings, and ear tips personalize the fit even further, and of course superior noise isolation.

Also, concerning talk and control, with its integrated in-line remote, it makes it easy for you to control volume, activate Google or Siri without taking the phone out of your pocket, and media playback.

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Charges quickly
  • 15 minutes of charge can give 2 hours of music and calls
  • Comes with Graphene-coated drivers for additional bass
  • Incorporated with AAC support for Apple devices
  • Compatible with Macbooks, Desktops, and Android devices
  • Made from durable and lightweight materials
  • Comes with a Kevlar strengthened cable
  • Sweat and weatherproof
  • Audiophile-quality sound output
  • Snug fit
  • The controls tend to readjust them in your ears due to their size and weight
  • The controls often combine the track skip buttons and the volume which gets annoying

4) Sennheiser CX Sports

Sennheiser CX Sport Bluetooth Sports Headphone (Black)

Sennheiser CX Sports Bluetooth Sports earphone is like an athlete who makes every move seem effortless. It elegantly balances purposeful design with excellent audio performance. It’s lightweight, splash and sweat resistant; thus it can be worn in front or around your neck. It comes with three sizes of ear fins and four sizes of ear adapters that provide a personalized fit for maximal wearing comfort and exceptional passive reduction of ambient noises.

One significant factor that these earphones can offer is its excellent quality build. Everything starting from its housing to wires is made from high-quality materials, including its buttons. This earphone simply gives a long-lasting feel. In fact, even the battery life is incredible. You can get more than 6 hours of juice with only 50% volume. And the best part is that it has a quick charge feature that gives 1 hour of use with just 10 minutes of charge. However, to completely charge the earphones it requires around 1 and half hour of charging.

Regarding sound quality, it has an exceptional one. Its vocals are clear and crisp. The highs and mids are also great. The audio output doesn’t distort even in high volumes. The overall profile of Sennheiser CX Sports earphones is energetic.

Another noticeable feature it has is its great range. It is sweat and splash-proof and is comfortable to wear in a long period of hours. It also comes with various earbuds and ear fins so finding a comfortable fit is not an issue. Aside from that, these earphones do an excellent job in canceling noise and isolating from the ambient noise

Whether you use music to maintain an efficient pace or motivate a high-intensity workout, this new wireless CX Sports earphone is made to provide all of that. Sennheiser engineering ensures clear and elaborated sound with satisfying bass response. Its Qualcomm apt-X processing aids the CX Sport to deliver high-definition performance wirelessly.

Moreover, you can now enjoy the liberty of wireless sound with uncompromising quality in an ultra-lightweight and comfortable design as this earphone comes with three sizes of ergonomically designed ear fins to keep them in place while the other four sizes of ear tips deliver a customized fit. Additionally, the adjustable neck cable with built-in clothing clip allows the CX Sport to move with you. Take a run or hit the gym with Sennheiser CX Sports earphones to compliment with your workout.

  • The operation is intuitive and effortless thanks to a slick three-button
  • Durable and tough design
  • Made from sweat and splash-resistant materials
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Gives of up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Can be charged for 10 minutes to give an extra 1 hour of use
  • Vocals are crisp and clear
  • Great highs and mids
  • The sound output doesn’t distort even in high volumes
  • Excellent noise cancellation and isolation
  • Snug fit
  • Comes with an adjustable neck cable with built-in clothing clip
  • Carrying case is not really good
  • Quite pricey

5) Jaybird X3 Sport

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android - Alpha Green

With Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth earphones, you can now go all out! These earphones are specially made to be tiny but still packed to the brim with incredible sound quality, unbeatable comfort, and excellent functionality.

It is the third incarnation in Jaybird’s X series. And this is the culmination of the Jaybird’s sports earphone innovations. Smaller than ever, the Jaybird X3 Sports Bluetooth earphone has a more secure fit, better sound quality, and longer battery life. Its in-ear speaker design has been crucially reduced by 20% and houses an improved 6-millimeter driver for booming bass and subtle lows.

Its smaller frame is more convenient to manage and provides a comfortable fit for different ear sizes. In fact, these earphones can even be worn underneath a helmet. The frame is crafted from sandblasted, injection-molded metal for heavy-duty resilience, as well as a sleek style that doesn’t affect Bluetooth signal strength at all. Moreover, its hydrophobic nano-coating makes the whole earphone waterproof, thus preventing rain, snow, and sweat from affecting your sound trip. It merely serves as a reliable partner for savvy business travelers and athletes who are always on the go.

Aside from all of those, a wide range of customized fit options is already included inside the box. The patented silicone ear fins that come in three sizes keep the buds securely inside the user’s ear or can be used to hang them over the top. In addition to that, the Comply memory foam ear tips are engineered to deliver optimum comfort and noise isolation. They lock in the earphones for a super snug fit even if you’re riding an MTB trail.

With 8 hours of battery life, these earphones are just as ready as you are for any thrilling adventures. Run wild and stop doubting about your sound quality.  The Jaybird X3 has got you covered.

  • Comes with MySound app that allows you to customize every aspect of your sound
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and above, and iOS 9+
  • Comes with 8 hours of battery life
  • Universal secure and snug fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Incorporated with Hydrophobic nano-coating for protection against rain and sweat damage
  • Excellent earphone for working out
  • Can be worn under-ear and over-ear position
  • Great sound
  • Clear highs and mids
  • Good bass
  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent noise cancellation and isolation
  • Can’t connect to two devices simultaneously
  • Not really comfortable especially if worn beyond 5 hours, non-stop

6) RHA MA390 Wireless

RHA MA390 Wireless in-Ear Headphones: Sweatproof Noise Isolating Bluetooth Earbuds

RHA MA390 earphone is a premium wireless in-ear headphones without any compromise. It features an aluminum build and a stain resistant silicone neckband that delivers excellent durability and comfort, Apt-X improved Bluetooth audio and 8 hours of battery life.

Compared to rigid neckbands, the MA390 earphones neckband can be concealed underneath a collar or rest comfortably on the base of your neck, thanks to its contoured flexibility. It can also be curled up for convenient storage without losing its natural shave gradually.

Concerning audio quality, it is very good, mainly the lows. This product is not really for bass lovers, but you can listen to it for the quality of the sound it delivers. You can use it while riding a two-wheeler and you can tell how good its noise cancellation is.

It comes with many sizes of ear-buds, so fit is not an issue. The packing is also top-notch. Aside from that, it is sweat resistant which means you can use it while doing some intense workout. However, the ultimate perk is its built quality. It feels light but sturdy. Moreover, you can connect two devices at once with it.

To sum it up, here are some highlights from RHA MA390 Wireless earphones:

  • Enhanced Bluetooth that delivers high fidelity audio with Apt-X codec. The Apt-X compresses the size of audio files sent through Bluetooth so that they can be transmitted between your earphones and the device without losing any sound quality.
  • 8 hours of battery life from one single full charge so you can enjoy high-quality listening throughout the day. You can charge it for 15 minutes, and it would provide 1 hour of audio playback. And to ensure that you’re never without playback, RHA MA390 earphones also feature a power-saving auto-off function after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Sweat-proof and water-resistant so you can enjoy your music even if you’re on the go. This earphone is ideally suited for a person who has an active lifestyle. Moreover, it is combined with high-quality 6063-grade aluminum for exceptional durability.
  • Integrated with universal 3-button remote so you can gain full control of your favorite soundtrack, and sometimes calls. In addition to that, the mic and remote combination allows you to quickly activate your digital assistant on Google, Apple, Android, and many more with just a single touch of a button.
  • Quality assurance as each component, detail, and the feature is the result of extensive research and an uncompromising commitment to durability and quality.
  • British engineered using premium-grade materials and advanced techniques to achieve the highest quality performance.
  • Incorporated with RHA’s signature aerophonic design of the MA series river housing which allows the transfer of sound to your ears without disruption and obstructions.
  • Stain resistant
  • Flexible
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Sweat-proof and water resistant
  • Excellent for the gym and any outdoor activities
  • Comes with a universal 3 button mic and remote for full device and volume control
  • AAC & AptX enhanced Bluetooth audio
  • Comes with a mesh carry pouch for portability, and light hassle-free storage
  • USB A to C charging cable allows simple charging solutions
  • Comes with 3x sets of ear tips for universal comfort
  • British engineered
  • Great audio quality
  • The packaging is top-notch
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Doesn’t have exceptional bass quality
  • Carry case is not a hard one
  • Quite pricey

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We have discussed here about best wireless earphones in India 2020. Now, are you ready to know who the winner of this roundup is?

Well, we’ve actually got two winners here. One from the Truly Wireless category and one from the Wireless category.

On the Truly Wireless category, the clear winner is of course none other than Apple Original MMEF2 Wireless Airpod with Dual Optical Sensors. One primary reason why this product takes the trophy is that it is made by Apple. And we know how exceptional Apple’s products are, right? All average aspects to be considered as a best seller product is practically offered by this prominent brand. And thus one of our best Bluetooth earphones in India should be from them.

Now, from the Wireless category, you should know that Sony WI-1000X Premium Wireless Noise Cancelling Neck shall take the second trophy. Why? The reason is that it is a premium product made by one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Aside from that, the reason why Sony WI-1000X is included in our best Bluetooth earphones in India is that it offers and provides excellent and world-class features that no other headsets have.

Nonetheless, the takeaway here is that you should choose one of the products listed here regardless of what brand they are from since each of them offers one thing that the others don’t. And of course, they’re specially picked by us so rest assured that you won’t waste your hard-earned salary on something that isn’t even worth looking for.

Well, that concludes our roundup about the best Bluetooth earphones in India 2021. If you don’t mind, please do us a favor and comment down below your suggestions, opinions, feedback, and experiences about the best Bluetooth earphones out there.

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