Best Earphones Under 5000 in India (Reviewed July 2021)

Getting the ideal set of budget-friendly earphones can be difficult. With various different models and styles to choose from, we wanted to help you make the right purchase before you spend your hard-earned money. In this article, we will show you the best earphones under 5000 in India 2020 that won’t sacrifice sound quality.

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Best Earphones Under 5000 in India 2021

1. Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports

Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones

The Philips lightweight SHQ1200 is your ideal running and gym workout companion. This product is rain and sweat resistant. Its sturdiness ensures powerful bass and maximal fit, thanks to its trio ear caps to choose from.

Aside from that, Philips SHQ1200PK are specially designed for strength and durability. Its Kevlar-coated cable is well protected against breaking and tearing, can endure extreme environments, particularly the gym.

Moreover, it comes with its own pouch and clip for safe storage and easy cable handling. Users can enjoy a tangle-free gym workout using its clip, then just stash these headphones in its breathable pouch.

Philips ActionFit SHQ1200PK/2 only weighs 4gm, thus making them featherweight and very comfortable to wear. In fact, users will hardly ever feel them when they’re working out while wearing them. Users will only hear its excellent, powerful output that improves motivation and focus.

ActionFit earphones are specially designed for various active lifestyle and routine. Whatever the user’s workout or sports preference, this headphones can directly manage sweat, wet, and heat. It’s crafted with premium water-resistant materials. In addition to that, they feel substantial. Its cord has just the right length. Simply twist them into your ears, and they would stay put.

Its output sounds tremendous and super loud. The bass has no distortion at all. It’s worth the price.

  • Comfortable in ears and stays well
  • Good cord length
  • Good bass and treble
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Tuned for sports
  • Comes with clip and pouch
  • The earphones don’t have a Siri button
  • The little rubber thing tend to fall off easily

2. Symphonized ALN Premium Genuine Wood with Mic

Symphonized ALN Premium Genuine Wood in-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones with Mic (Orange Stripe)

With Symphonized ALN Premium unique acoustical properties, it merely provides the best sound reproduction. In fact, genuine wood makes up the interiors of concert halls, that’s where you’ll feel you’re when you listen to your favorite audio because this product is incorporated with the kind of wood.

Moreover, neodymium magnet gives enough power to bring out the excellent quality of acoustics. And thus providing energizing, and high-fidelity sound completely surrounds you and intensifies the user’s musical experience. With their superior durability and strength, excellent noise isolation, deep bass, and distortion-free volume levels, this product is the perfect partner for iPads, and iPhones, mp3 players, and tablets.

It comes with one eco-friendly convenient carrying pouch and 3 extra sets of comfortable silicone ear tips. It also has the ingenious design that ensures a comfortable fit while optimizing bass and giving clear, crisp sound.

Symphonized ALN Premium have a variety of range. Users will be able to hear every instrument almost clear without too much distortion or any light amplification. For bass heads, they are great. It doesn’t merely provide a punch, they knock! Its cord is braided nylon, so unless they are burned, they won’t wear anytime soon. Moreover, it comes with a play/pause/mic/stop feature that works with calls.

  • Good Customizability
  • Great sound output
  • Excellent cord strength
  • Stays well in ears – good for jogging
  • Color in the display pictures isn’t really the same with the actual product
  • Produces cord noise
  • Cord tends to tangle easily

3. MEE Audio RX18

MEE Audio RX18 in-Ear Headphones (Purple)

MEE Audio RX18 is engineered for the most comfortable and most secure fit. It is ergonomic and lightweight that produces clear, improved-bass sound ideal for various media like audiobooks, games, movies, and of course music.

Moreover, it was designed for a stress-free fit. The small and featherweight of MEE Audio RX18 follow the natural shape of the ear and doesn’t just fall out, even with little ears. It also has large 10mm speakers to generate deep, powerful bass while keeping great clarity across the rest of the audio spectrum.

It has a memory wire which keeps the earphones in your ear, its noise isolating works really well too. MEE Audio RX19 comes in different sizes of earplugs that you can take on and off to customize them to your own fit. As with all earphones, you can use them with all sorts of items and the experience is that much more beautiful when you use these.

Also, it has solid sound for a disposable product. Earphones frequently eventually give out mainly if you use them for athletic kinds of stuff. It’s a really worth price upon trying them. If you need something earphone that always sticks to you, and can do well in the long run, MEE Audio RX18 is a perfect choice.

  • The sound output is great
  • Comfortable
  • Worth the price
  • Incorporated with memory wire
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Great with various kinds of media
  • Users have no way how to know how much battery life they have left

4. Klipsch S3M-Red-HP

Klipsch S3M-Red-HP in-Ear Headphone, Red

Klipsch S3M is specially designed for mobile devices. It gives the user a front stage pass to their music collection whether they have a Windows, Android, Apple, or BlackBerry. This is the ultimate stress-free earphone thanks to a nifty single-button mic and remote which gives you total control of both your phone calls and playlist on virtually all of your mobile devices.

It also features durable, and tangle resistant cables to lift the anguish of unkinking a clump of wires. No matter the user’s device, this product brings the best possible sound, lows befitting, and producing dazzling highs of the Klipsch audiophile heritage. Aside from that, the S3m utilizes a customized 5.8-millimeter moving-coil driver to provide smooth, full-bodied sound that can hold its own.

It’s a fact, earphones can sound great, however, if they don’t fit, then users are not going to want to put them in their ears. Unlike conventional, circular-shaped earbuds which don’t fit correctly in users oval-shaped ear canal, this product uses the patented Klipsch oval ear tip engineered to make them virtually impossible to feel perfect for long-term wear. Oval ear tips are of course much better as they fit better and only Klipsch has them, In addition to that, the fantastic seal gained from the oval ear tips make this product to have superior noise isolating capabilities, preventing unwanted background noise from reaching the users’ ears.

  • Lightweight
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Integrated with microphone
  • Great sound for the price
  • Great to use for workouts
  • Utilizes the patented Klipsch oval ear tip design
  • Perfect for long-term wear
  • Durable
  • Tangle-resistant cables
  • Volume controller seems to be made of cheap plastic


SONXTRONIC WHITE ICE Xdr-8001 Vertical in Ear Ultralight Sport Running Headband Headphones (mdr-w08l style white and silver)

SONXTRONIC XDR-8001 possesses great quality sound output with the most comfortable time-tested design by cutting-edge electronics company, SONXTRONIC. Like the vertical design to the Sony MDR-208 and Sony MDDR-W08L, this product is a must-have for active men and women wanting to extend comfort in a simple, attractive, ultralightweight stay in place design which also has great looks and genuine quality sound for an ultra-light sports headphone.

This product doesn’t fall out like earbuds, doesn’t move like behind the ear headphones. This one is designed to be the most comfortable earphone for extended wear currently available in the market. They are lovely.

Moreover, they are lightweight and stay in place when the user runs, on the treadmill or even outside. Users will never worry about them getting fall out. Its sound output is really high. Users can use them on their tablet, laptop, PC, and of course smartphones.

If you like to listen to your favorite soundtrack while going on walks and while cleaning your house, then you need such decent earphones. They won’t completely cover your ears and would allow you to hear still what’s happening around you.

  • Ultra comfort vertical headphones
  • Let in some air and sound for ear breathability and personal safety
  • Extra lightweight
  • Comfortable for gaming and active sports
  • Additional high-performance magnetic drivers produce great sound output
  • Worth the price
  • It seems the main support plastic over the headband is quite cheap and thin

6. MAXROCK Top-103pink

MAXROCK (TM) Super Mini Total Soft Silicon Earbuds Headphones with Mic Music Sleep Choice for Cellphones Ipad Tablet Mp3 Laptop and Most 3.5mm Audio Player (Pink)

For this type of mini earphones, which is a unique patent earphones, the selling hits is the entire silicone house could insert the users ear comfortably without falling out trouble, thus significantly reducing the noise and give all-day comfort, this earphones fit gently and safely on the users ears, thus providing secure placement and long-term support – weighing little to no.

These are awesome earphones. They are great to help you distress from your day at bedtime. They tend to be too big, so they’re not really appropriate if the users possess weird ears. They may not look like they will work or made like expensive ones purchase they are great. If you want earphones for bedtime, or just really comfortable ones that you don’t mind are wired then get this product now. In addition to that, it’s incorporated with a mic.

MAXROCK is excellent for sleeping. They’re really comfortable, and they block noise effectively. They stay in your ears and users can even lay on their side and not even notice that the earphones are there. You can use them for listening to podcasts or white noise to fall asleep.

  • Great sound output
  • Super comfortable
  • Can lay on them
  • Comes in a very nice zippered case with mesh for instructions
  • Comes with multifunctional button
  • Great noise isolating earplugs
  • Comes with a built-in microphone
  • Integrated with Ultrasoft ergofit
  • Cord tent to tangle easily

7. Monster Clarity HD

Monster Clarity HD in-Ear Headphones, Neon Pink

Everyone deserves something better; thus Monster Clarity HD earphones possess better build. Experience the world-renowned craftsmanship of Monster earphones built for everyone. It has better sound clarity in HD that offers outstanding sound output.

Listen to it in three ways: either using Monster Pure PathTM direct digital High-resolution audio, wired, or wireless Bluetooth with AptX. Moreover, the audio experts at Monster have custom tuned two sound backgrounds to pick from for an exceptional listening experience.

Aside from that, it offers better comfort due to its lightweight materials. It has ultra-soft ear cushions and an ergonomically designed padded headband which gives the maximum support for long-term listening sessions. It’s incorporated with Monster Voice ThroughTM for more explicit calls, thus allowing users to hear their own voice naturally during calls. It also offers advanced digital eco suppression, minimizes unwanted sound, and the high intelligibility mic ensures crisp, clear calls.

If you have tiny ears, this would be probably the most comfortable HD earphones you’ll ever wear. The sound is apparent, thus making it easy to hear vocal pronunciations in foreign languages.

Monster Clarity HD also provides good noise blocking, though it only blocks about 50% of ambient sound.

  • Great design
  • Durable protection
  • Superior noise isolation
  • Crystal clear calls with high intelligibility mic
  • Control talk universal
  • Connectivity technology: wired
  • Earplugs were a bit too big
  • Quite bulky and stylish

8. Philips SHE3900SL/27

Philips SHE3900SL/27 In-Ear Headphones, Silver

This premium earphone features great looks, comfort, and bass. Efficient speaker drivers provide robust sound. Oval tube inserts come with 3 ear cap sizes for maximal fit and deep bass. It also offers vacuum metalized housings that look classy and sleek.

It’s a compact earphone with soft caps thus providing high-quality sound. Its compact efficient speakers ensure an exact fit and generate accurate sound with rich bass, which is perfect for your listening enjoyment. Its oval tube insert seals out noise, and give deep bass.

Users will feel long-lasting comfort as the ergonomic oval sound tube ensures maximal comfort and fit. This earphones also come with soft silicone ear caps in 3 overall sizes. Moreover, it possesses enhanced durability due to its textured strain relief which also gives a secure, yet flexible connection between the earphones cable and its plug.

Philips SHE3900SL/27 is a perfect set of earphones particularly for its price range. Its mic is a nice added touch. The wires are plastic coated, and not fabric banded which is actually good. The mic is quite receptive, so you don’t need to shout into it to be heard. Quietly mutter what you want to say, and all are good.

  • The 3.5 mm jack is slim enough to slip past phone covers
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Excellent beefy bass
  • Wire construction is made from good quality rubber
  • The minimal form factor on mic and buds
  • Great to use for calls
  • Comfortable
  • Good quality build
  • Compact, efficient speakers for powerful sound
  • Oval tube insert seals out the noise
  • Ergonomic oval sound tube ensures optimal fit and comfort
  • Soft silicone ear caps in 3 sizes for the snug perfect fit
  • Textured strain relief for durability and secure grip
  • They tend to slip from either side of the ears

9. Panasonic RP-HJX20-K

Panasonic RP-HJX20-K In-Ear High End Drops360' Luxe Headphones

The Panasonic RP-HJX20 provides the ultimate in premium-quality sound, convenience, and comfort. It does not only feature one but two sets of neodymium magnets and a direct, axial sound path design. It delivers clear, highly-precise mid-tones, and treble with minor distortion while a large, aluminum bass chamber generates bass that’s deep and resonant. It also comes with an enhanced earpiece design that gives a comfortable yet secure fit that blocks ambient noise around the user.

The Drops 360 degree that Luxe RP-HJx20 offers provide two sets of neodymium magnets and coils positioned on both sides of the diaphragm which more accurately drive the diaphragm and control magnetic flux. Thus the resulting output is potent yet accurate with robust bass and minor distortion.

Its improved earpiece design offers a more extended, straighter port which routes sound more directly to the eardrum of the user. It also provides a snug yet comfortable fit, preventing external sounds to be heard for a better listening experience.

If you don’t usually care for bass intensified sound particularly when it is just more vibration rather than of realist deep bass, then RP-HJX20 would probably surprised you. You will probably be expecting to hear the usual thumping bass you get with headphones made with a bass dedicated driver, but these are different. Its bass was actually instead leasing.

RP-HJX20 is also perfect for travel as it comes with a convenient travel pouch for easy tagging, and enjoying premium sound while on the go.

  • Great sound isolation
  • Very comfortable
  • Great noise isolation
  • Less distortion
  • Comes with a travel pouch
  • Good amazing sound output
  • The highs were pretty good, but the bass isn’t really on par


MAXROCK (TM) Unique Total Soft Silicon Super Comfortable Sleeping Headphones Earplugs Earbuds with Mic for Cellphones,Tablets and 3.5 mm Jack Plug (Grey)

MAXROCK (TM) is an excellent earphone for sleep. They are great to use for mellow music. While they do not compress the signal, MAXROCK ™ do not have much treble or bass to soften the music. Most users won’t probably do any critical listening with these earphones.

Perhaps you’ve tried all of the low-profile earphones such as bed-phones and sleep phones, and many more, but we tell you this one should halt your search. If you are seeking something that could stay in both of your ears even when you turned over, these would definitely do the stuff.

Its design is simple but outstanding in terms that it’s mostly soft rubber. As such, even the initial post that has the speaker on end is a flexible bit of rubber which means that when you lay on it with it in your ear, it moves or buckles such that it doesn’t poke you.

Most users, after figuring out how to correctly place these earphones on their ears, the result would be great as it blocks enough outside noise at night. It also has a good base once you fit them properly which is just inside the ear canal with its stem resting within the ear above the user’s earlobe. They are much suitable for sleeping rather than any physical activities like the gym.

You’ll found these earphones as the only one where you can actually sleep in. Their comfort level is unrivaled. Prospects will also love that there’s an in-line mic so they can use them when they need to make phone calls.

With its noise isolating earplugs, users can travel now with utmost relaxation. The comfortability is also incorporated with soft silicone for additional convenience. It is merely the perfect earphone for minimizing harmful noise levels at loud events and cutting out excess sound form everyday life.

  • Great sound quality
  • Great bass
  • Good noise isolation
  • Excellent comfortability
  • Good for traveling
  • Great for sleeping
  • The earpiece is permanent and can’t be replaced
  • They’re tiny and could get inside your inner ear if not careful

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The bottom line of every pair of earphones is the value for money they can offer. There’s really nothing exceptional about an awesome sounding pair of earphones that costs 100,000, but something is fascinating about a 5,000 pair that doesn’t perform much worse. I hope you have got the idea of  the Best Earphones Under Rs. 5,000 in India 202.

Finding the right model requires prospects to specify their budget. Decide which features are crucial to you, and you want then dive deep into the endless sea of audio technology. Fortunately, with the list we provided you, it should give you everything you might need to purchase something awesome.

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