Best Earphones With Mic in India (Reviewed July 2021)

We all know that headphones of course look, feel, and sound better but there’s just no way you can easily fit them under any bike helmet, and in fact, it really seems impossible to do so. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best earphone with mic in India 2020 so that you can easily choose your best fit.

What more is they’ll tend to bounce right off your head while doing some strenuous workouts, or even by just doing yard work! Now, whether you’re an all-around kind of person or merely a commuter, the best earphones are a must-have if you want to keep your favorite soundtrack rocking! If you are a lover of wireless technology then you can go with the Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 5000, 2000 & 1000 in India 2020.

However, remember that we don’t necessarily talk about those muffled and fancier Apple Earpods. Truth be told, you deserve something better. Not something that’s a bit overrated but something that possesses the quality, style, stability, and of course the right price. And apparently, those are the best budget headphones with mic in India 2020.

That’s why we gather our best and obviously our favorite earphones out there. Yup, some might cost expensive, but it isn’t really close to the world’s highly-priced headsets. And some won’t even really hurt your wallet!

Here’s the catch; all of the best earphones in India listed in this article will undoubtedly make you a happy and a chilled human the next time you hit any of your hobby or routine.

So, stay tuned!

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Best Earphones with Mic in India 2020 [month] Review

1. 1MORE Triple Driver

1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic

What 1MORE Triple Driver has to offer:

This earphone has 3 drivers. It has a separate dynamic driver, and 2 balanced armatures. Collectively, they give an incredibly precise listening experience with unique dynamic power and clarity from sizzling highs to deep bass.

One prominent feature of this earphone is that it was tuned particularly by a Grammy award-winning sound engineer. It was collaborated with an internationally acclaimed sound engineer, mixer, and producer Luca Bignardi to perfect its final tuning to give an accurate representation of your favorite artist’s sound.

1MORE earphone provides a very comfortable ergonomic design. With its oblique angled ear fittings, it will undoubtedly match your ear canals. Thus 9 sets of included ear tip sizes ensure a proper fit. Moreover, it was designed for you to minimize fall out and make you comfortable all the time by freeing you to enjoy your music.

  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Great bass and treble
  • The soundstage is very nice
  • Remote buttons are easy to use
  • Premium packing
  • The platinum color of earphones
  • Our pick as the best earphones in India
  • The cord of the upper half seems fragile
  • A bit expensive

2. House of Marley EM-JE041-MIC

House of Marley EM-JE041-MIC In-Ear Headphone With Mic (Midnight)

What House of Marley EM-JE041-MIC has to offer:
EM-JE041-MIC Earphones provides powerful, absorbing sound, and is described as a pocket-sized powerhouse. This earphone offers excellent listening experience with accurate and powerful music that will surely delight audio buffs. Moreover, it was engineered to provide the incredible sound as it was integrated with an 8 mm moving coil drivers that deliver deep bass impact to the music produced. On the other hand, its frequency range of 20Hz to 20 kHz ensures that every low and high note has excellent sound clarity.

EM-JE041-MIC Earphones doesn’t only provide an excellent sound output, but its design, as well as specifications, is just impressive. It comes with a certification from FSC because of its unique use of wood in the manufacturing process. It’s a fact that the presence of timber can enhance the quality of bass in the earphone, thus giving the user a crystal clear sound output. Also, the wooden color print on the outer surface of the ear-buds delivers a rich feeling to the user.

It also comes with a 52-inch fabric braided cord that helps minimize tangles and is primarily designed to cut down static, so the user gets an extra clear crisp of sound while making the earphone durable. One more thing about this product is that it supports a frequency response of 18 Hz – 20 kHz which ultimately gives a lasting feel to each second you hear. Moreover, the impedance of 16 Ohms, as well as the sensitivity of 98 dB delivers a powerful sound and excellent listening experience.

  • Delivers all genres to the user
  • Offers powerful sound with the frequency range 20Hz – 20kHz ensuring that the user will get very low and high in music with sharp accuracy
  • It has a durable fabric cord and designed to offer users the best possible earphone wire ever and classic design that will make them stand out from the crowd
  • It has Pure Wood Rear Housing technology that produces rich sound
  • Provides one-button controller with Mic
  • Not really suitable for iPhone users
  • Noise cancellation doesn’t work properly
  • Tend to slip from ears

3. SoundMagic ES18

SoundMAGIC ES18 in-Ear Isolating Earphones (Red)

What SoundMagic ES18 has to offer:
SoundMagic ES18 earphones provide noise isolation with neodymium drivers of 10mm to give your ears with some rich and excellent quality music. Its frequency response ranges between 15 Hz to 22 kHz offering playback of a weighty bass as well as sparkling clear treble. Moreover, it will complement most audio devices and your favorite music. It also provides a 16 Ohm impedance so that you can plug it to your iPods, MP3 player, and mobile phones. Here’s a tip – crank up the volume on this earphone with a sensitivity of 100 dB/mW, and you’ll still experience high fidelity, refined, and energetic musical performance.

Aside from the quality sound output, SoundMagic ES18 earphones provide users with comfort because of its cable length of 1.2m that is easy to handle with your audio device while you’re moving around. It has flexible and soft ear tips on its plugs that fits snugly to your ear canal, thus blocking much of the ambient noise near you. It has excellent clarity and strong bass performance with dynamic and refined sound signature. With SoundMagic ES18, you can now experience a live musical performance with your favorite music. It suits most genres that you know and delivers a rich and dramatic sound quality with equal flair.

For its design, it offers a solid construction as it was integrated with ABS housing and strong tangle-free cables incorporated with extended strain relief and a gold-plated 3.5mm jack plug. It was explicitly designed with durability and to compliment a user’s busy lifestyle.

  • Powerful bass
  • Suitable for sports
  • Solid construction
  • Soft and comfortable earplugs
  • Refined playback and performance
  • Extended flexible strain relief and tangle-free cord
  • Ideal for portable music players
  • 2nd pick for our best earphones in India 2021
  • The jack tends to slips of
  • After a couple of months, the other side manage to stop

4. Symphonized XTC Wood

Symphonized XTC Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones with Microphone

What Symphonized XTC Wood has to offer:
Authentic wood makes up the interiors of concert halls, why? It’s because that’s where you’ll feel you are when you listen to your favorite audio with Symphonized natural wood earphones. Symphonized XTC Wood Earphones is incorporated with Neodymium magnets that provide enough power to bring out top-quality acoustics, thus resulting in an energizing, high-fidelity sound that completely surrounds you and intensifies your musical experience.

Symphonized XTC earphone was designed with superior strength and durability, deep bass, distortion-free volume levels, and excellent noise isolation. It’s the perfect earphones for iPad/iPod/iPhone users.

This product also comes with 3 additional sets of comfortable silicone ear tips and one eco-friendly convenient carry pouch for the pleasant listening experience. Moreover, it has an ingenious design that ensures a comfortable fit while optimizing bass and providing clear, crisp sound.

It has the following technical details:

  • Dynamic 8mm Neodymium sensitivity – 101 ± 3dB at 1 kHz.
  • It has a 1mW impedance – 16 Ohms.
  • Frequency response is 18 Hz – 22 kHz.
  • Right and Left balance has ± 3dB (i.e., 50 Hz – 6 kHz, 1 mW).
  • Total harmonic distortion of <3dB
  • The rated input power of 5 mW
  • Its connection is 3.5mm gold-plated jack
  • Cable length is 48 inches nylon cable
  • Punchy, boomy bass for the price
  • The woven cord is very easy to untangle
  • Red cord color is fun and appears higher end
  • The microphone was very clear in call and voice memo tests
  • Sturdy construction at Y wire split
  • Highs are not sparkly clear
  • For those who care, the packaging is much cheaper and less appealing with its weird Jack-O-Lantern design
  • Discerning L/R earbuds are not the easiest even though the mic/button is on the left wire.

5. Klipsch Reference x11i

Klipsch Reference x11i in-Ear Headphones (Black)

What Klipsch Reference x11i has to offer:
Klipsch X11i was incorporated with a tiny and lightweight milled aluminum housing integrated with oval ear tips for the ultimate fit and comfort. Moreover, it has a three-button remote and mic that lets you control your playlists and phone calls by just pressing the push button or even the use of your voice.

In addition to that, Klipsch X11i has the latest micro-technology that provides audiophile-grade, wide bandwidth sound, bass-reflex system, and the extended response thus delivering superior noise-cancellation of all ambient noise.

Klipsch X11i is equipped with oval ear tips for which Klipsch is known. This design allows for hours of long-term, comfortable wear. It is not similar to circular-shaped ear tips that put stress on the pressure points inside the user’s ears.

One more prominent feature that X11i has to offer is its functionality. Its audio works with any device that has a standard 3.5 earphone jack. Moreover, it has a three-button remote and mic, giving iPhone users a seamless call and music control.

  • Smallest and lightest in-ear headphone thanks to featherweight Aluminum body
  • Full range balanced armature for audiophile quality sound
  • Award-winning sound signature
  • Superior noise isolation for fantastic bass response
  • 3-button remote for full music and voice control on select Apple products
  • Patented oval ear tips for superior comfort, passive noise cancellation, and enhanced bass
  • Directional mic for hands-free, crystal clear phone calls
  • Controls tend to randomly start to lower the volume to zero or activate voice controls

6. Monster Ncredible Nergy

Monster Ncredible Nergy in-Ear Headphones with mic Midnight Black

What Monster Ncredible Nergy has to offer:
Ncredible Nergy Earphones gives users an excellent quality sound. In fact, there are actually higher quality headphones made by Monster, but unlike to other companies that produce headphones around Ncredible Nergy’s price range, these are hands down the best.

It is incorporated with rubber earplugs to make every user stay on rolling!

Aside from that, Monster Ncredible Nergy has excellent cables that are thin and doesn’t snag or stick to everything. They are smooth and more importantly durable that doesn’t tangle up.

This earphone works very well with phone calls. The microphone works great and better than others that spec they are phone capable.

  • Magnetic earphones snap together to wear as a medallion
  • Provides details that pop and hard hitting bass
  • Designed with ControlTalk Universal technology that controls your phone and your music
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Rubber earplugs
  • Great cables
  • Great for phone calls
  • Tend to produce some static sound
  • Little volume and bass

7. Bose SoundSport

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Charcoal Black) for Samsung and Android Devices

What Bose SoundSport has to offer:
Bose SoundSport earphone was engineered to go wherever life takes you, thus it provides in-depth, clear and crisp sound for your favorite music. It has a durable design to keep up with whatever your day brings.

Moreover, because of TriPort technology incorporated with it, it now delivers crisp highs and natural-sounding lows, while the weather and water-resistant design help to make sure that it survives the rigors of daily life. In addition to that, as it was integrated with StayHear tips, you can now listen to your music comfortably.

Plus, it comes in a variety of designs and has an inline mic. And remote, that’s why it’s very suitable for Samsung and Android devices because you can easily switch between music and calls on your Samsung phone.

It has a lightweight and durable sport-inspired case that protects and stores them when not in use.

  • Designed with TriPort technology for crisp highs and natural-sounding lows
  • Has proprietary StayHear tips that come in 3 sizes to conform to your ear’s shape so that the user stay comfortably in place all the time
  • Built with inline microphone and remote so users can easily switch between calls and music
  • Comes with protective casing
  • Cord is extra-durable
  • The microphone is extremely sensitive
  • Tend to have some static sound
  • Volume control spontaneously increases bit by bit until it’s at its loudest possible level

8. Audio Technica ATH-CKX9 BK Sonic Fuel

Audio-Technica ATH-CKX9 BK Sonic Fuel in-Ear Headphones, Black

What Audio Technica ATH-CKX9 BK Sonic Fuel has to offer:
ATH-CKX9 SonicFuel earphones feature a stay-in-place fit that provides unique comfort in addition to maximal sound. Its C-tip configuration nestles within the ear where it locks in place for added stability. With this technology, you can customize your comfort with a multitude of C-tip as well as silicone ear tip sizes, or just use the included Comply foam ear tips for true sonic immersion.

Moreover, this earphone provides large – 13.5 mm performance-improved drivers that fuel your day with a premium listening experience, and more profound bass responses with sparkling high frequencies. With its newly designed flat cable, users can now eliminate annoying tangles and therefore last longer.

Also, the hard carry case that comes with it makes your earphones protected and organized so that users can easily find and unravel them each time.

This earphone is a great night pair of earbuds since they sound just great. The base is not really powerful, but it’s a right spot and not boomy, and doesn’t produce weak natural sounds. Its mids and highs are excellent. However, it seems that there some issue with the lack of audio control on its wire.

  • Offers a premium listening experience
  • C-tip design fits the shape of your ear for reliable stay-in-place comfort
  • Comes with three different size silicone ear tips and a pair of medium comply size 400 tips
  • Comes with a reliable hard case
  • Lows are too boomy
  • Highs are crisp
  • Ear hooks tend to cause discomfort
  • A bit lacking in the bass

9. Creative Aurvana in-Ear3 Plus

Creative Aurvana in-Ear3 Plus High-end Noise-isolating in-Ear Earphones with in-line Remote and Microphone

What Creative Aurvana in-Ear3 Plus has to offer:
This product is a real powerhouse since it is powered by Balanced Armature Tweeter, Woofer speakers, and optimized sound tube design. It also has an in-line remote and microphone so users can control music and phone calls. Aside from that, Aurvana in-Ear3 Plus is incorporated with superior tangle-free braided fabric cable that prominently minimizes contact noises.

It has the sound you need because of its new formula especially combined drivers with a tweeter and woofer on each side. It also comes with high-quality earbuds that block out 98% ambient noise to let users experience their music with crisp, and clarity output – similar to high-end speakers!

Aurvana in-Ear3 earphones provide adequate control for the user’s fingertips as it was integrated with an in-line remote that gives users total control of the volume, music playback, and phone calls. It was optimized for a vast range of tablets and smartphones.

Moreover, this product was built with a portable powerhouse since it was optimized for convenience and durability. It offers a high-grade connection because of its premium, high-purity Oxygen-free copper cabling, along with its durable L-shaped 4-pole gold-plated plug,

Because of its braided fabric cable that’s made with high-quality nylon, it thus significantly minimizes contact noises and works magic in preventing messy cable tangle, providing strong sound.

  • Superb noise-isolation of up to 98%
  • Efficient Control at Your Fingertips
  • A Portable Powerhouse
  • Uncompromising Sound
  • Music Follows Wherever You Go
  • Two Precise Balanced Armature Tweeters and Woofers
  • Aura Seal in-ear designed with a set of multi-size silicone and foam ear tips enable optimum seal in the ear canal
  • Sound quality is very oriented towards the high end (treble) range
  • The cord plugs into your phone with a right angle connector instead of a straight in connector like most buds.

10. Sennheiser PMX 685i SPORTS

Sennheiser Wired Headphone PMX 685i Sports Neckband Headset

What Sennheiser PMX 685i SPORTS has to offer:
Sennheiser is a brand of choice for lots of high-profile live sound engineers and recording artists, providing an excellent audio experience to people who crave genuine-to-life sound experience. For more than 65 years, the company has applied its in-depth audio research to the development of high-end headphones and microphones. Every product of Sennheiser endures strict quality control tests to ensure users will receive durable, and worth-the-price sounding gear.

For all ladies and gentlemen who are truly passionate about their sports and music, Sennheiser sets a new standard for high-end sports headphones. Designed to complement with Adidas, Sennheiser headphones have been tested extensively in the field for reliability, durability, and ergonomic fit. Sennheiser headphones were particularly optimized for Apple users.

Some features of this product include but are not limited to:

  • Can be worn around the neck when not using as it is the lightest headbands in its class
  • Incorporated with the in-ear fit that allows background sound through for better safety outdoors.
  • Provides natural open sound that is acoustically fine-tuned to deliver high volumes
  • Specially designed to absorb shock and minimize wear and tear. It was heavily tested for intense periods of use.
  • Can be rinsed clean after using running water as it is sweat and water resistant
  • Designed with an in-line smart remote and microphone that allows users to control their music and take phone calls
  • They are lighter than the PMX 680
  • The earbuds are smaller than the 680 and set just outside the ears so you can pick up ambient noise
  • Cable is plenty long, and it comes with a clip
  • Easy to clean and care for. Comes with a travel case
  • Sound quality is good. Remember these are for sports and don’t expect high-end sound quality for this price
  • The neckband is light but flexible
  • The thinner cable may break quicker than the PMX 680. Time will tell
  • There seems to be a microphone hole on the control

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Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Earphones

If you didn’t know, there are lots of various kinds of earphones as of the moment. They come in all types of design, shapes, and of course colors. On the other hand, some are custom-made using a press mold of your ear.

There are many choices for different kinds of people. Thus we’re somehow fortunate that many different manufacturers produce various types of earphones based on an individual need.

Choosing What You Really Want

Apparently, the first thing you must do before you even pick the earphones that you want is what kind of sound you’re after.

Why? It’s because different kinds of earphones have a different type of sound signature – such as how the bass is produced, whether it is precise or powerful, or perhaps you like having highs that are detailed. It’s crucial to know what you really want.

Though, in our opinion, we usually suggest prospects to try various kinds of earphones for them to figure out the sound that they seek. It’s one way of telling that it’s worth the price in the long run, and as a way to respect your favorite genre of music.

Where Do You Want to Plug It In?

Since we’re talking about the best earphones, apparently the object on which it will be plug in to should also be tackled. For all we know, some people use the music player to play their favorite tunes. Some prefer desktop and laptop.

Now, the catch is, it’s essential to pick a proper source of audio to fully benefit from the features of particular earphones. And for those who prefer to use portable music players, there are plenty of devices in the market such as amplifiers which can really add an extra impact to your earphones and get the most out of your favorite songs.

Make Use of Your Ears

Usually, you won’t really be able to enjoy your favorite music if your earphone is hurting your ears, and slipping out of it. What’s worse is when you can’t even finish a particular song as it’s hard to handle the uncomfortable feeling, which could ultimately ruin the fun.

But of course, since we’re living in an era of convenience, we can easily found ear-tips out there in the market to make our listening to music more comfortable. However, make sure that you’re choosing the right ear-tips since you might get a half-assed ear-tips which could instead improve your sound-trip experience, it might, unfortunately, ruin it more.

If you ask me, I once used an earphone with a plastic ear-tip. And believe it or not, it’s the worst sound-trip I had. That’s why when looking for a headset, make sure that it can be suited to different kinds of ear-tips in case you don’t enjoy its current one. It’s also one way of refreshing your music listening experience – i.e., if you have many ear-tips available at hand since some of them can significantly add an impact to what you’re hearing. Though make sure that upon choosing or using an ear-tip, it won’t be uncomfortable when you fit it in.

Learn How to Clean Earphones

Yes, everyone must know how to clean their earphones. The reason is apparent, it’s hygiene. Imagine you just listened to your favorite music using your current headset and removed it from your ear when someone besides you saw how dirty your earphone is. Do you think it’s acceptable? Heck no!

So made sure you clean it every time you get it out of your ears. But then again, the problem is not really the dirty earphone but the insides of your ears! Learn to clean your ears especially if your earwax is a little mess. Moreover, if you don’t clean your ears frequently, you might find it odd why your favorite music sounds terrible. It’s because earwax tends to reduce the impact of earphones as it plugs the ear canal.

How Do You Wear Earphones

Though the question is simple, one thing you should know is how to wear earphones. There are plenty of headsets in the market that will be good if you wear them the right way according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Aside from earphones that you practically stick into your ears, you can also find that sit on your next, rest on your earlobes and the latest version that send the sound through your bones then to your inner ear. Sounds crazy right? But it’s true!

Now, how do you wear them? Well, it’s pretty simple; just wear them according to the manufacturer’s instruction, or just wear them however you feel like. Don’t make it complicated!

Wireless or Wired?

If you ask me, wireless is the best option here. It can give you so much privilege by simply extending all your movements without worrying that the wire would be tangled up. You can distance yourself from your desktop, or even smartphones if you have something to do but don’t find it comfortable with wires all over your body.

Wireless earphones come with many advantages. It’s practically more convenient however you look at it. It’s wireless after all!

On the other hand, some doesn’t really find wireless earphones more advantageous. Why? The reason is that wireless needs to be recharged after a certain amount of time. In addition to that, wireless headsets particularly those that use Bluetooth have some issue with audio quality over the analog wired ones.

Therefore, we can definitely say that wired earphones are most suitable especially for our friends, audiophile since it produces much better quality sound and energy advantages compared to wireless earphones.

To sum it up, choosing a wireless or wired earphones pretty much depend on your needs or taste in respect to the reasons mentioned above.

Things You Should Look for in Earphones


It’s a fact that our ears are sensitive. So whatever we put in here should be as comfortable as possible. Thus the comfortability of an earphone is crucial. You can tell how good a headset is if you wear it for at least 25 minutes and can still feel that it’s all good.

Here’s a tip – the larger the ear cups, it’s much better when choosing circumaural earphones. On the other hand, if your earphones rest on your ear, smaller ones are much better. Also, leather or fabric padding can add comfortability by reducing the pressure. In addition to that, super-light earphones fit great with foam pads.


Well, it’s a given as we’re talking about earphones here and not headphones. Headsets bring significant comfortability since users can only put them back in their pockets just ensuring that they won’t get tangled up if you’re using wired earphones.

And speaking “wired,” it’s evident that wireless earphones offer much better portability since you don’t really need to work on any kind of wires or cables. It’s just like 2 pieces of beans that can be put inside your pockets.

Ultimately, due to their size, earphones already possess such excellent portability.


We don’t want our things to be fragile. We want them to last. Sadly, durability usually equates with heavier weight. Imagine it like this: Lighter earphones can be quickly snapped. Now if that’s the case, what you want to do is place them in a protective case when they’re not in use.

In addition to that, you might want to check whether the cables are substantial or delicate. If you’re planning to purchase an earphone, try to find out if it has available replacement components. Well, we all know that we can save more if we just replace some parts than to replace an entire site.


Make sure that the cables of your earphones are long enough for your needs. If you want to ensure the quality of your sound through earphones, make sure the cable is not incredibly long as it could negatively affect the output of the headset. Not to mention that it could easily be tangled up.

Remember that good-quality earphones should have a protected cable that can reduce the noise. On the other hand, if you purchase a headset with a short cable, you can just buy an extra extension if you want. Also, it’s better if you just add a single cable than two shorter ones to prevent the degrading of the signal.


Similar to most matter in life, when it comes to picking the best earphone with mic in India 2020, the right earbuds, or headphones, you just obtain what you pay for. Nevertheless, some specs can be advantageous such as frequency response numbers that can be deceptive.

It’s always a fact that there’s no alternative for listening carefully, and critically. It’s also crucial to consider how and why you want to use your new earphones to get the right one for your needs.

And lastly, if you don’t really mind, please drop us some comments below about your purchase. Or if you already have one of the listed earphones in this article, we’d like to get some of your feedback about how did you use them, what stuff do you like it, or you can even add if it gave you some kind of trouble.

Happy shopping!

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Virendar Singh is a 20-year-old Blogger from Uttarakhand, India, he loves to play with gadgets and likes to write reviews on best tech products. Learn more about us here.

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