Best Headphones Under 2000 in India (Reviewed July 2021)

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Best Headphones Under 2000 in India 2021

1. Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB450AP

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB450AP On-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

The Sony MDR-XB450AP headphones have been engineered to help users enjoy music in utmost comfort. These headphones are integrated with powerful beat response control to improve sound output. The cushioned and comfortable ear pads make you listen to your favorite soundtrack in exceptional comfort. Moreover, its swivel design makes you lay it flat on sides.

Crafted for electronic dance music lovers, its improved extra Bass technology makes you enjoy the intensity of deep bass notes in different scenarios and locations, similar to being at an actual live festival or actual club.

In addition to that, its bass booster aids in amplifying the low-end sound frequencies. On the other hand, the seal between your ears and the driver units helps in keeping the sound intact. To supplement it, the comfortable ear pads are there to enhanced bass and acoustic seal.

Also, you can now stay in touch while listening to your favorite music. Its cable has a convenient in-line remote and microphone so you would be able to take hands-free calls whenever they come through on your iPhone or Android devices.

You can also now simplify your life because of its smart-key app. Just personalize your headphone with this easy-to-use app. Configure the mic button to select from track control or volume control functions. Just download the application from play store, and follow the easy instructions. Take note that this application is compatible with Android 4.0 and beyond.

To sum it up, it features the following:

  • A swivel design in the housing to make users lay with their headphones flat, making these headphones easy to carry all the time.
  • Pressure relieving earpads for extra comfort. You can now enjoy more extended sessions of sound tripping in comfort because of pressure-relieving cushions that wrap around the user’s ears to give a comfortable, powerful bass and acoustic seal response.
  • A durable tangle-free cable to minimize frustration because of possible tangles.
  • Superb extra bass
  • Nice clarity of sound
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Comes with a tangle-free wire
  • Great design and look
  • Excellent smooth finishing
  • Perfectly fits the ear
  • Premium look
  • Cushioned earbuds
  • Nice bass
  • Need to be careful while moving since it has a delicate design
  • Not really great material quality
  • No volume controller

2. JBL Tune 500 Powerful Bass

JBL Tune 500 Powerful Bass On-Ear Headphones with Mic (White)

The JBL TUNE500 headphones deliver quality and powerful sound to spark up your day. It is integrated with JBL Pure Bass sound quality, a one-button universal remote that is compatible with most devices, and a 32 mm JBL driver. These headphones give quick access to great sound every single time.

Comfortable and lightweight thanks to the soft ear cushions and padded headband. Also, JBL TUNE500 headphones give you the privilege to connect to Google Now or Siri without using your mobile device. It is available in 4 colors that offer a foldable and tangle-free cable for easy portability. These headphones feature the renowned JBL pure bass sound, which can ultimately be found in most prominent venues all around the world.

In terms of build quality, it has a very good one. The sound is very nice and clear.

To sum it up, it offers the following:

  • An immersive listening experience that only JBL signature sound can offer.
  • In-line 1 button remote with a mic that enables you to make a hands-free calling, and makes you focus more on your activities.
  • Foldable design and lightweight materials to make it convenient anywhere and anytime while listening to your favorite track.
  • Flat and durable cable.
  • Integrated with Sir and Google now to activate the voice assistant by pushing the remote button.
  • Good quality and powerful sound output
  • Integrated with JBL Pure Bass sound quality
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Can be connected to Siri or Google New
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Durable design
  • Not suitable for long hours of listening sessions (e.g., above 2 hours)

3. Sony MDR-XB450

Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Blue)

These headphones are a masterpiece by Sony for the budget. It has an unbelievable sound clarity for the price. It also has excellent bass and treble levels for any kind of sound system.

It is particularly crafter for electronic dance music lovers. Its improved extra Bass technology makes users to savor up the intensity of deep bass notes in different scenarios and locations just like in a live festival or actual club. Also, its bass booster amplifies the low-end frequencies via a specially designed duct in the housing while an enhanced seal between your ears and the driver unit keeps the sound intact.

Its foldable ear pad design makes it convenient to dangle around your neck. It is also easy to tuck into your laptop bags. And the most crucial thing you are looking for in this product is its great sound quality. Also, the bass is really great that gives you a tingling experience to your ears.

Moreover, these headphones offer pressure-relieving earpads for extra comfort because of its pressure-relieving cushions that wrap around your ears to give a powerful bass and acoustic seal response.

  • Great sound quality and bass
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great treble
  • Integrated with foldable ear pad design
  • Not suitable for more than an hour of use

4. boAt Bass Heads 900

boAt Bass Heads 900 Wired Headphones with Mic (White)

These wired headphones come with a combination of performance and style. Get ready to enjoy your favorite tunes with crystal-clear sound performance and super extra bass with BassHeads 900 headphones. Experience dynamic, powerful sound with clear and punchy bass, natural vocals with its integrated 40-millimeter Neodymium drivers. These very drivers effectively reproduce sound equally across the whole audio band.

Moreover, its ergonomic design creates a passive reduction of ambient noise while giving the optimum comfort for a long period of time. Its compact, lightweight, and sleek design makes portability incredible convenient. The compact and foldable feather light headphones weight even less than 150 grams. Nevertheless, its earcups can be folded for convenient storage. These very headphones were engineered to give exemplary sound reproduction and supreme comfort.

Also, boAt Bass Heads 900 is a snug fit headphone as it is integrated with swivel earcups that offer comfortable fit and flexible wearing for everyone. Its ergonomic design produces a passive reduction of background noise while providing maximum comfort for hours of listening pleasure in a snuggly fit without stress.

Its tangle-free cable with a 3.5-millimeter audio jack is incorporated with a built-in mic and control for playback and calls. Manage and answer your calls effortlessly with just a single touch of the button giving you the freedom to move actively while keeping you connected.

The takeaway is that if you’re seeking for a great bass headphone, then this headphone is for you. It has a very tight fit on the head which is better for working out. In terms of durability, it’s a really good choice.

  • Great sound quality
  • Awesome bass
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Good treble and vocals
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Integrated with swivel cups
  • Not suitable for more than an hour of use
  • Cable tends to tangle a lot

5. Cosmic Byte GS420

Cosmic Byte GS420 Headphones with Mic, RGB LED lights and Audio Splitter for PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, PC, iPhone and Android Phones

Cosmic Byte GS420 headphone is a primary type of gaming headphone, ideal for playing games, and of course, listening to music, and more. It is incorporated with soft cushion ear-pad and head-pad. It also comes with an adjustable length hinges guarantee hours of gaming comfortability.

It gives deep bass and clear sound for real gaming experience. Also, it comes with a flexible mic for exact positioning, and microphone with great sensitivity at picking up sounds, the other person on the end line will surely hear your words clearly.

It comes with multi-color LED breathing lights that are crafted on the ear cups to make it look more stunning and fashionable. Overall, it’s an excellent headphone that gives out the clear sound. The microphone is good since it picks up the voice with no issue at all.

  • Great bass
  • Comes with RGB lights
  • Comes with an audio splitter
  • Very light
  • Comfortable even for long period of hours of use
  • Compatible with Xbox One, tablets, mobiles, laptop, and PC
  • Flexible mic
  • Great sound quality
  • Nice microphone quality
  • Hands-free buttons are not present
  • Hard to configure LED settings

6. Audio-Technica ATH-S100BK

Audio-Technica Street Monitoring ATH-S100-WH Portable Headphones

Audio Technica Street Monitoring ATH-S100BK headphones stand out because of its approach towards music. It is natural and pure. It treats every sound with equal significance. Usually, audio devices tend to emphasize a particular type of sound whether it’s treble or bass, and it differs with each audio device makers. The issue is that we get focused on that certain sound. That’s why Audio Technica’s amalgamation of natural and pure sound is here to help you out enjoy your favorite music even more.

Prospects can buy ATH-S100BK headphones primarily for playing and recording music. On its price point, it punches well above its weight and has an awesome response across the frequency spectrum. Its bass was certainly good. It has higher frequencies and average clarity.

On the other hand, from a usability point, the foldable earpieces make it very convenient for people who’re always on the go. This convenience is supplemented with its good wire length.

In terms of sound output, it’s probably the best you can get at around 2000. Each aspect from strumming of guitar strings to humming air in flute may be distinctly heard and felt. Its sound stage is pretty vast. It can make you dissolve into your music. Its frequency responses are up to the point. Bass and treble are classy. The treble is sweet and sharp.

When it comes to looks and build, it has a decent build for its price. Plastics that were used have good quality, and they’re only around 110 grams. It is incorporated with a 3.5 millimeter L shaped jack and a 1.2-meter wire that is made from quality materials. Its cushions are snug fit and comfortable. Users might feel discomfort initially since the clamping is a bit tight, though it would loosen up gradually. It’s pretty normal to feel a bit of discomfort for long usage since it’s a little tight.

In terms of noise isolation, it has a good one considering its price. Its good and perfect fit cushions effectively block out background noises. In fact, in noisy areas, half of the volume is enough.

  • Clear and accurate sound output
  • Great bass
  • Nice wavy treble
  • High output
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Easy adjustment of the headphone
  • The highs and mids are good
  • Compact and portable
  • Great build quality
  • Has tiny ear cups
  • Not recommended for long period of use

7. Behringer HPM1000

Behringer HPM1000 Multi-Purpose Headphones

Behringer HPM1000 headphone provides everything you need for excellent comfort during listening sessions. Its oval-shaped ear cups have a high-resolution capsule that give every nuance of your sound. It features a single-sided cord to have a tangle-free cable.

These headphones are compatible with everything from mixing console to your smartphones. Whether you’re amalgamating a recording, monitoring a bass line, or just sitting back and enjoying your favorite soundtrack, you want a headphone that gives a vast frequency response and high dynamic range, and that’s what HPM1000 offers.

DJs are similar to any other professionals who also rely on their ears for a living. But above all else, they need clean, precise audio reproduction. Thus, HPM1000 delivers with a massive 50-millimeter neodymium driver. In short, when you wear this headphone, you’ll get not only loud and accurate sound but also get deep, powerful bass. No matter what genre of music you listen to, you’ll be able to hear everything from the gut-shaking lows to great highs.

Moreover, the HPM1000 provides excellent look. Having a great sound is one thing but being a DJ is also about style. Meaning you don’t only need to sound great, you should also look good too! And that’s why the HPM1000 takes comfort and style to an entirely new level.

On top of their robust construction, Behringer made sure to select only the right materials to give their headphones a classic feel and look. From its soft-touch rubberized coating to its leather headband pad and ear cushions, this headphone feels great on your head. And to add additional convenience, the manufacturers included a carrying bag in the package to ensure that they stay that way.

Behringer knows that you wear your headphones all night long, and so they made sure you could adjust everything about the HPM1000. Its ear cups and headband are fully adjustable and articulated and can be worn around the neck or on the head single cup style. They’re also foldable for additional portability, and for easy storage. Above all, its detachable cable makes it even easier.

With HPM1000 headphones, you get an outstanding sound reproduction, the ultimate durability, and comfort genuinely.

To sum it all, HPM1000 offers the following:

  • Designed and engineered in Germany.
  • Adjustable headband with foldable, swiveling ear-cups.
  • Single-sided removable cable with ¼ inch gold plated adapter and a 1/8 inch jack.
  • A 50-millimeter high output neodymium drivers.
  • Ultra-high dynamic range.
  • Superior sound quality with vast frequency response and improved bass.
  • Very comfortable
  • Good Mids
  • Great bass
  • No problems wearing them for a few hours
  • Excellent design and look
  • Ultra-high dynamic range
  • Made in Germany
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Some parts were made from cheap plastics

8. JBL T450 Extra Bass

JBL T450 Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones with Mic

Introducing JBL T450 headphones that offer powerful big-stage bass and it’s now in a convertible model.  Under the hood, a pair of 32-millimeter drivers punches out a very powerful bass, reproducing the JBL pure bass sound you’ll only experience in recording studios, arenas, and concert halls around the world. HBL T450 are flat-folding, compact, comfortable, and lightweight. Also, with the convenience of its tangle-free flat cable incorporated with a mic and remote, it’s your everyday companion on the road, at work, and even at home!

JBL headphones are great as they offer fantastic beats. It’s a must have for all music lovers because of its portability, excellent sound quality, almost 360-degree turnable ear pads, elegance personified, and overall excellent quality.

JBL T450 headphones have pretty good noise cancellation and bass, great highs and lows, and clear sound quality. Music lovers who don’t really want any noise excellent noise cancellation feature should purchase these headphones (if ever you’re looking for a heavy bass headphone with excellent noise cancellation properties then we recommend No products found.). This product is excellent respective to its price. We recommend the black since white tends to get dirt a lot.

  • Integrated with JBL pure bass sound technology
  • Comes with 1remote with mic
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • Tangle-free flat cable
  • Powerful bass
  • Produces awesome beats
  • Clear sound clarity
  • Great highs
  • Durability is not that great

9. Philips Bass+ SHL3070

Philips Bass+ SHL3070 On-Ear Closed-Back Headphones (Black)

Philips Bass+ SHL3070 headphones bring big, bold bass back to your favorite soundtrack. It packs a powerful, punchy bass into its sleek, compact package. These headphones are engineered for those who need more bass in their beats without any additional weight or bulk.

SHL3070 headphones have big, powerful bass that let you really feel the beat of your favorite music. Don’t let its sleek design fool you as it has specially tuned bass vents and drivers to product ultra-low end frequencies to create a unique bass signature.

It’s a good headphone on its price bracket. Bass is really good, but the treble is not that really great. Nonetheless, it still has a balanced sound experience. Just make sure that you handle it with a bit of carefulness as it wasn’t really made from robust materials. Its ear cushions are pretty comfortable for prolonged use. The cord length is good and durable.

To sum it up, it offers the following but is not limited to:

  • Soft cushions for exceptional comfort during long hours of listening sessions.
  • Adjustable ear shells fit that was designed for maximal fit, and to ensure a snug fit for all users.
  • Excellent sound isolation. With its closed acoustic design, these headphones block out ambient noise to create enhanced sound isolation for the better listening experience.
  • A 32-millimeter driver for generating big, pumping bass.
  • Big, bold bass you can feel
  • Great sound isolation
  • Designed for optimal fit
  • Comes with soft ear cushions
  • Portable
  • Sleek design
  • Compact
  • Good for an extended period of use
  • Cable seems weak
  • Not made from robust materials

10. Sennheiser HD 206

Sennheiser HD 206 507364 Headphones (Silver)

Exceptional sound quality doesn’t have to you cost you a fortune. And so, with Sennheiser HD 206 507364 headphone that is lightweight and comfortable, you’ll get dynamic audio with crisp bass as well as good external noise reduction without really breaking your funds. HD 206 is a pair of closed, dynamic stereo headphones for budget-conscious music lovers. It features outstanding wearing comfort, good reduction of ambient noise, and powerful sound reproduction.

These headphones from Sennheiser will improve your listening experience and take you to an entirely new level of the listening session. With a frequency of 21 Hz to 18 kHz, your favorite tunes and beats will sound as if you’re hearing them for the very first time. And to ensure a long-period of comfort, these headphones come with a 3-meter long cable that only weighs 215 gram to provide users the freedom to move however they like.

Whether you use these headphones training at the gym, sitting at your desk in your office, out in the streets, or professionally, it will surely introduce you to a world of power and sound quality. The reason is that it has a 108 dB sound pressure level, rich, crisp bass response, and powerful sound reproduction to make your listening experience genuinely unrivaled.

Sennheiser HD 206 is made to separate users from the world while chilling or working. And to give you the tranquillity you need, these headphones ensure a less than 0.7% total harmonic disruption and provides excellent ambient noise reduction.

Because it’s hard to work in discomfort, particularly when your work needs you to sit and work 9-5, Sennheiser Company would like to introduce these headphones to you. It boasts comfortable leatherette ear pads to make your ears stay comfortable even after more than hours of usage. And with its ultra-lightweight, comfortable and adjustable frame, and extended cable length, we’re pretty sure that these headphones will soon become your favorite working companion.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful headphone that won’t break your bank account, then get this one!

  • Lightweight
  • Big and soft ear cups
  • Snug fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Length of wire is 3-4 meters.
  • Sound quality is excellent for vocals
  • Excellent noise cancellation for the price
  • Powerful sound reproduction
  • Great sound quality
  • Doesn’t really provide a good bass

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Now that is our list for the best headphones under 2000 in 2020 in India. Since all of them are included in our list, rest assured that even though they pretty cost cheap, they still have the punch and quality to meet your sound quality and comfortability expectations.

But what you really want to do now is to choose based on your needs and preference.

If you’re a gamer, you might want to choose Cosmic Byte GS420 Headphones with Mic because of its features that are primarily suitable for the gaming environment.

Or perhaps you’re just looking for a headphone that is made from Germany, then get Behringer HPM1000 Multi-Purpose Headphones.

However, if you ask us, the winner of this roundup is the JBL T450 Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones with Mic. Why? The reason is that it merely packs a punch. You know, it’s hard to find a headphone worth less than 2000 only with such exceptional bass, portability, and overall sound aspect. I mean, it’s the sound quality that matters the most right?

But then again, remember that it’s your taste, needs, and preference that matters the most. So choose yours now!

Oh, and before we forget. Please leave a comment below. Happy shopping!

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