Best Home Theater Systems in India (Reviewed July 2021)

For the most part, the best home theater systems in India must provide an exceptional balance of good quality sound and easy installation because the best home theater system can give you an excellent audio experience to rival a more complex setup.

Ultimately, this buying guide can give you the low-down on all the things you need to know in order to get yourself up and to look for the best home theater systems in India.

Let’s get rollin’!

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Best Home Theater Systems in India 2021

1) Yamaha YHT-3072-IN

Yamaha YHT-3072-IN 5.1 Home Theatre System (Dolby Audio, DTS-HD, Bluetooth, USB, 4K, 8 Inch Active Sub, Fm, HDCP 2.2)

The Yamaha Company is famous for producing one of the best audio devices in the market for years now while keeping the price affordable. And one of those is the Yamaha YHT-3072-IN.

This home theater system is loaded with quality features. Additionally, it comes with full 4K compatibility, ECO mode for low energy consumption, FM radio, NFC, Bluetooth, and mobile wireless streaming. It is most likely the best 5.1 Home theater system for the time around the Indian market.

Moreover, it comes with exclusive Yamaha CINEMA DSP technology that supports playback of HD Audios such as DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, and many more, providing expansive and natural sound imaging.

Also, CINEMA DSP transforms the dynamics of the listening environment, with acoustic reproduction of prominent places such as European Cathedrals, Roxy Theater, and Bottom Line, allowing you to experience their ambiance right in your room.

In addition, this product’s YPAO or Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer analyses your system and room acoustics then accurately adjusts various audio parameters to provide the perfect sound for your room. By simply putting the supplied mic at your listening position and switching YPAO on, the system will automatically be tuned for maximum performance in your house theater room, making it one of the best home theater speakers in this list.

  • Integrated with YPAO
  • Built for performance
  • High-clarity sound
  • Features bi-amping capability
  • Excellent treble and bass
  • Comes with ECO mode
  • Wireless mobile streaming
  • Accurately adjusts various audio parameters
  • Its speakers are wired
  • Remote not lighted

2) Pioneer HTP-074

Pioneer 5.1 Home Theater System HTP-074

Pioneer HTP-074 is one of the best in class speaker systems in the Indian market. This product comes packaged with five compact speakers, subwoofer, as well as 5.1 channel AV receiver.

In addition, this home theatre system comes with some of the exclusive features such as high-quality free tech support; ECO-mode, compressed audio play, Bluetooth system, and high-quality surround system.

Its value for money is just staggering here, and you’d be delighted with the range of features and intimidating output. Also, this product comes with the support of HDCP 2.2 and aids in linking to the compatible device and comes with premium content, and users can enjoy digital copy protection.

Pioneer HTP-074 also comes with the next generation video standards as well as Ultra HD clarity and gives better brightness peak and also enables in creating the pictures livelier. Additionally, this system is having the best built-in Bluetooth wireless technology with its 3.0 Bluetooth version and allows you to stream songs with compatible devices and supports for AAC and SBC codecs.

Prospective consumers can also get a better sound output even in the compressed audio formats such as WMA, AAC, and MP3. The technology aids in restoring the minute details left out during compressed formats and provides you the best sound experience even in compressed sound formats.

  • Mounts and screws for the satellite speakers
  • Speaker wire to link everything
  • Comes with a center channel speaker
  • Comes with four identical satellite speakers
  • Comes with remote and FM and AM antennae
  • 100-watt subwoofer
  • Comes with proprietary wall mounts
  • Multiple inputs through HDMI
  • HDR support
  • It’s not networking ready
  • It doesn’t come with an integrated CD/DVD player
  • Its speakers are wired

3) Onkyo HT-S3800

Onkyo 5.1 Channel Home Cinema Receiver and Speaker - Black

This theatre system is the reference model in Onkyo’s home theatre-in-a-box product line.  It consists of a passive subwoofer, five channel bookshelf speaker system, and a 5.1 channel receiver.

When it comes to power output, it is rated at 60 WPC – which is the measure with 2 Channels Driven with 8 Ohms speaker loads from 20 Hz-20 kHz at 0.7% THD. This is certainly enough power for a modest setup in a small or medium size.

Also, Onkyo HT-S3800 is compatible with most DTS, and Dolby Dolby surrounds sound formats such as DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD and up to 5.1 channels. It also comes with extra preset surround processing modes.

Moreover, along with a number of analog audio as well as video connection options, 4K HDMI inputs and one HDMI output is given. These HDMI connections are HDR, 3D, and up to 4K pass-through compatible and met HDMI 2.0a specifications.

This product also gives composite to HDMI upconversion for convenient connection to modern TVs, but there’s no upscaling provided. It’s crucial to note that there are no component video connections provided.

Whether you’re looking for a home theatre system that offers more flexibility or something very modest this home theatre system is worth checking out.

  • Easy installation
  • Comes with DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD
  • HD connections
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great bass
  • Excellent sound output
  • Great frequency
  • Comes with 4HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output
  • 1 Channel home theatre package
  • Remote not lighted
  • The USB menu description is a little bit primitive

4) LG LHB675

LG LHB675 4.2 Ch 3D Blu-Ray X-Boom Home Theatre, Built-in Subwoofers (Black)

This sound system features integrated subwoofers and a simulated surround sound effect to provide a powerful home theatre experience in a high-class, space-saving design. Users can access premium content from offers such as Youtube, Hulu Plus, Netflix to your favorite TV shows and movies. Additionally, LG LHB675 links you to the content that you and your family will love.

LG LHB675 also features a Blu-Ray 3D, thus if you have a 3D-capable TV, this player will allow you to enjoy visually spectacular Hollywood blockbusters on Blu-ray 3D disc, in excellent quality. Moreover, this home theatre system features subwoofers that are already integrated inside in order to powerfully replicate a bass and enrich the overall entertainment aspect of the product without taking up the floor space required for a conventional subwoofer. Also, you won’t need any extra wires and setup.

  • Comes with an integrated subwoofer
  • Smart Hi-Fi compatible
  • Blu-ray 3D
  • Premium content partners
  • X-Boom 4.2 channel home theatre
  • Excellent TV sound sync
  • Features karaoke
  • Excellent power out output
  • Comes with auto-shut off
  • No sound bar
  • Wi-fi problems tend to occur
  • Needs to connect directly to a router

5) Sony BDV-E3200

Sony BDV-E3200 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Blu-ray Home Theatre System

This product is loaded with excellent and convenient features under a very reasonable price. It comes with an integrated USB and Bluetooth compatible Blu-player, NFC, and built-in Wi-Fi. Additionally, it comes with revolutionary “tweeter” for more vocal clarity that makes it a true bliss for the overall home cinema experience.

You’ll also tend to get back home early from work because Sony 5.1, will provide you an awesome movie experience every time you watch. Your full 1080 HD movie experience can surprise you with powerful surround sound from each corner of your room. With an Amp up powerhouse performance as well as 1000 Watt of 5.1 HD surrounds sound, you can invite your friends for movie nights anytime you want.

Also, with its one-touch Bluetooth, the ultimate convenience will meet an unrivaled quality sound output. This feature offers the easiest and fastest way to link your device to the home theatre system. But what’s more amazing is this Bluetooth’s functionality. You just need to touch your device to the Home theatres NFC logo, and voila, you’re connected via Bluetooth.

Overall, this product controls your home theatre with your mobile device. With its home theatre system, you can watch your favorite movies, as well as listen to your favorite music from your smartphone or on your TV.

  • 18-centimeter sub-woofer
  • Sense of quartz design
  • Integrated Wi-fi
  • USB multiple format playable
  • Comes with Bluetooth and NFC features
  • India sound setting
  • Comes with tweeter
  • Supports most used audio and video formats
  • Lots of connectivity and feature options
  • Worth the price
  • 1 the number of channels
  • YouTube works but a little bit laggy
  • Bass is seemed not tight and week

6) Polk Audio COMMANDUK

Polk Audio AM9644-A Command Sound Bar with Hands-Free Amazon Alexa Voice Control Built-in, 4K HDMI, and Fire TV Compatible for Your Home Theatre (Black)

This sound system comes with a sleek and black material finish. Its subwoofer features a matte black layer as well to help it blend into your home. Its stand-out feature is the Amazon Dot-style circular center-part.

Additionally, its central controls offer buttons for muting, Alexa, power, volume, and also that now familiar light ring you can find on any Amazon Alexa-powered speaker. So for those who may have already obtained an Echo Dot, for instance, that ring of light can pop on when you call for Alexa, so you’ll know you’re being listened to.

In terms of apps, from its very first setup stage, using the app, you can be confident that this is all going to work great. Everything from personal Amazon and Spotify account linking to Wi-Fi network sign-in is achieved in just a couple of minutes.

Running the Sky Q system through this system will let you retain that HRD and 4K quality thanks to its HDMI 2.0b. It will promptly detect and worked via the Sky remote. Here, the light-up LED ring shows white and minimizes in the area while the volume drops.

Overall, this product is a fantastic sound system. It also listens well, making it certainly a useful smart assistant.

  • Free Amazon firestick
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comes with integrated Amazon Alexa
  • Solid sound with a well-tuned subwoofer
  • Comes with a conventional remote control
  • Clever design
  • Easy to setup
  • Great overall sound output
  • Doesn’t come with multi-room support
  • Require s more granular EQ capabilities
  • Bass is not that great

7) Sony HT-IV300

Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System

This home theater system is a 5.1 home system with a major focus on DTH, and one of the few home theater systems out there that aim to enhance your daily TV watching experience. But if you are not interested in establishing a high-end component home theater system such as of Onkyo or Yamaha, you can simply opt for pre-built home theater setups which could be a premium but are very convenient to set up as they offer multiple outputs and provide good audio performance fitted for your average entertainment needs. Additionally, this product is one such home theater system that’s selling today for a surprisingly modest price.

One of the major things about this product from Sony that might grab your attention is its 1000 Watt output rating. That’s a bigger number and thus giving it a super very loud sound output. Also, one other exceptional feature it can offer is its ability to link directly to your DTH box via the Optical ports or HDMI without needing any receiver. This is very convenient since it makes it really easy just to set up the system, plug it into your set-top box and begin enjoying its 5.1 output.

And lastly, Sony HT-IV300 is a really good looking system setup and won’t look out of place in even the most high-end and meticulously engineered living rooms. Its five satellite speakers come with a unique hexagonal shape that absolutely makes them look different from your average cylindrical or box speakers.

  • Can connect directly to DTH set-top box
  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish looks and design
  • Incredibly loud
  • Comes with many connectivity options
  • Compact and multi-angled speaker
  • Multi-format playability through XVID, MP3, USB-MKV, and more
  • Comes with Optical input and HDMI
  • 1000 W output
  • 1 channel surround sound home theater system
  • USB-Multi format playability
  • Supports Blu-ray player and DTH set top Box
  • Inconsistent wireless mirroring
  • Audio output clarity tend to lose at high volumes
  • Quite overpowering bass

8) Sony HT-RT40

Sony HT-RT40 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tall boy Soundbar Home Theatre System

Sony home theater system delivers dynamic cinema sound. Bring home this best 5.1 channel surround sound system and enjoy a theater-like experience at the very convenience of your home. Get a bucket of popcorn and coke and get an immersive experience with this marvelous sound system by Sony.

With its tall-boy rear speakers, Home Theatre Sony HT-RT40 allows your favorite movies to come alive with real surround sound. It offers a 600W total power output that delivers cinema sound. The amalgamation of a subwoofer and five speakers gives unrivaled sound output. What more is that its NFC connectivity allows you to link with your compatible smartphone for wireless playback and more!

It also comes with “Music Center” through which you can browse music through their smartphones by utilizing an app for iOS and Android-powered by the Smart Remote Commander idea. Other specifications include optical in, HDMI out, and a USB port. The Sony HT-RT40 can also be conveniently synced with Bravia TVs.

The home theater also includes S-Master HX digital booster for delivering high-frequency ranges and ClearAudio+ that automatically calibrates TV sound settings, making it one of our top rated home theater systems in this list, as well as one of the best wireless home theater system.

  • Features 5.1 channel surround sound
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with Bluetooth and NFC technology
  • Smart playback
  • Optical input
  • Tall-boy rear speakers
  • 600W total power output
  • Music center app compatibility
  • Specially designed for iPhones
  • Loud sound output
  • Sleek remote design
  • Comes with the best high-end home theater speakers
  • Great for gaming
  • The subwoofer comes with separate volume
  • Comes with night mode
  • Bass sound bit low with a volume of less than 20
  • Doesn’t comes with controls to minimize treble
  • Poor Analog connectivity

9) Sony HT-RT3

Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

This home theater system comes with a subwoofer, two rear speakers, and a soundbar. Setting it up takes a minimal amount of time with your TV with an HDMI cable and when it comes to linking all the parts to the sub-woofer frame all you need to do is match the color codes of wires. Additionally, it can also be set up with a Blue-Ray player too.

Sony HT-RT3 also boasts of the total output of 600W, and you can’t probably argue with that as you can feel that it is a capable Dolby Digital surround sound Eco-system. Aside from that, it comes with Sony’s S-Master digital amplifier that aids the speakers on the soundbar to generate a distortion-free result even at higher volumes.

Moreover, this theater system is a complete multimedia package since you can’t only watch movies but also stream music through NFC or Bluetooth from your phone. There’s also a USB audio playback on this home theater system so users can keep their TV switched off while playing their favorite soundtracks.

Its remote interface is fairly simple to use, and users don’t really need to read a manual in order to shuffle through settings on the system. All in all, Sony HT-RT3’s sound output is incredible respective to its price range.

  • Valuable pick
  • Good price
  • Clear sound
  • Punch subwoofer
  • USB audio playback
  • Easy Bluetooth connection
  • Comes with NFC one-touch wireless audio streaming
  • The impressive power output of 600W
  • Fill your room with 5.1 channel real surround sound
  • Remote is simple and easy to use
  • Fast plug and play
  • Great build quality
  • Tend to produce unnecessary fan noise
  • Analog system

10) Samsung HT-J5100K/XL

Samsung HT-J5100K/XL 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System (Black)

This home theater system is very famous for its incredible audio quality. Samsung HT-JB100K/XL gives deeper and richer bass to your sound. Additionally brings the cinema effect to your home. It also lets you personalize your audio using its user equalizer settings that you can access on your TV display. You can also adjust its level of frequency bands to fit your different moods.

Moreover, this home theater system values audio just as much as visual. Also, it utilizes unique patented Crystal Amp Pro Technology that drastically improves sound quality via its multi-variable feedback of sound signals, transcending the normal-sounding output of your average theater systems.

In addition, you can also watch TV in surround sound immediately with its TV sound on the feature. You’d be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows in high-quality effects at a single press of a button. Just press the hotkey on the remote control to immediately activate its powerful theater speakers.

  • Great 1000W power
  • Comes with FM tuner
  • Includes Anynet+ and ARC connectivity
  • Features karaoke and fanfare
  • You can watch TV promptly
  • Balance your sound the way you want
  • Transcendent sound with Crystal Amp Pro
  • Comes with powerful bass for a big sound boost
  • TV sound on feature
  • Customizable audio with user equalizer
  • Low power consumption of just 49W
  • Doesn’t come with Bluetooth
  • The subwoofer is quite small

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Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Home Theater Systems in India

In terms of listening to your favorite soundtrack or streaming movies at the comfort of your home, the basic home theater system set can’t give you the experience you’d want. Most of us might consider soundbars to our homes. Yup, they’re convenient and offer an enhancement over the built-in TV speakers. However, the sound performance is not close to that of a cinema hall.

And a much better solution to reach a good cinematic experience is to invest in a home theater system. These home theater packages are setups that include bundled satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and an audio amplifier-receiver.

There are many brands, and companies out there that sell home theater systems and the cost of these systems differ according to the features they offer. They are part of one package, so they’re easy to set up and buy. They have a reasonable price as well, compared to purchasing receiver-amplifiers and speakers separately. If you’re planning to purchase a home theater system for your living room, here are some of the points that you might want to know:

Budget and Space

Your wants and allotted budget is what can help you narrow down on the home theater system options. For the most part, individuals spend a lot on setting up the room, interiors, and on their television set. Nevertheless, the amplifiers and speakers are neglected by many.

Their speaker placement, free space, and the size of the room are other factors to be considered. If you’ve got a small room, you can opt for a home theater package that utilizes bookshelf-sized speakers. On the other hand, if you have a little bit bigger room, you can go for a 7.1 setup with a package that includes either floor standing or bookshelf speakers.


These components also play a vital role in giving excellent audio performance. While some home theater packages include bookshelf speakers, some of them actually come bundled with floor standing speakers. Essentially, home theater systems include either 7.1 channel or 5.1 channel speakers. Here, there’s a subwoofer that generates low frequencies, and others are satellite speakers for the rear, center, and front channel speakers.

In your home theater system setup, you can have the speakers placed on the floor, or you can just mount the 4 satellite speakers for each corner of the living room.

A/V Receivers

These components are the heart of any home theater system, so you must ensure that the package you select comes with a good quality one. Today’s A/V receivers come packed with cool features, all thanks to modern technology.

While it’s certainly a good thing, first-time purchasers may get confused in selecting the right one. In order to pick the right home theater package, here are some crucial factors to look for before you zero down on a home theater system:


The total power output of your amplifier is normally denoted in Watts. In order to offer enough power to the linked speakers, it is needed to ensure that your receiver is powerful enough. Basically, for maximum performance, you must look for an A/V receiver that provides at least 100 watts of power to each channel.

Another term used to ascertain the performance of the amplifiers and speakers is called impedance. Most speakers are rated at either 6 or 8 Ohms. In the case of home theater systems, the speakers and amplifiers are paired correctly by the producer.

What Connection You Must Look For


The number of options and connectivity ports available on an A/V receiver is vital. While slightly older, A/V receivers come with HDM 1.3 ports, the latest versions may come with HDMI. The new standard offers support for Audio Return Channel, Ethernet over HDMI, and 3D video.

The ARC on HDMI 1.4 sends audio from the TV to your A/V receivers, home-theater-in-box or sound bars. HDMI ARC doesn’t only get rids of the need of having a separate S/PDIF for audio connection but also offers flexibility to upstream the audio data. Ideally, you must look for an AV/receiver that includes with at least 3 HDMI input ports so that you can link multiple devices such as laptop, Blu-ray/DVD player, gaming console, etc.

4K Upscaling and Video Conversion

Though it was once regarded as a high-end feature in A/V receivers, the recent ones are capable of video conversion as well as upscale. Video conversion feature lets you link different composite video signals and components and get them converted into a digital signal. By doing this, you can link your video devices and send output to the V by using a single HDMI cable.

On the other hand, 4K upscaling features is also very essential. If you’re planning to purchase the latest 4K resolution TV, this feature can be very convenient. The process upscales the lower resolution signals to a much higher resolution so that it will look better on your UHDTV/HDTV. Although the upscaled signal is not that HD, it’s observable better.

3D Pass-through and HDMI

HDMI pass-through implies that the video and audio streams passing via the A/V receiver are not processed. The receiver will only pass those streams to the TV or display. As the receiver can’t process the audio, HDMI pass-through does not let transfer of HD audio. Because of that, you must depend on Optical audio that only supports Dolby Digital and Digital Theatre Systems.

In the case of 3D pass-through, the 3D signals need higher bandwidth compared to the ordinary 1080p signal. The most recent version of HDMI 1.4 is 3D ready. A/V receivers with 3D pass-through accept the 3D signals and pass it to the TV through HDMI out. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the A/C receiver can convert 2D to 3D. With that reason, you must connect a Blu-ray player to your TV.

Surround Sound Processing

For those first time home theater users, the vast range of surround sound choices can be a little bit overwhelming. Almost all of the most recent A/V receivers can handle DTS and Dolby Digital soundtracks from the Blu-ray discs, DVDs, Netflix, HDTV broadcasts, and more. But that’s not all, because Dolby True HD and Dolby DTS-HD are also supported by the most recent home theater receivers, thus letting you enjoy immersive and pure surround sound experience right at the comfort of your home.

Additionally, to add more extra punch to your favorite soundtracks, some home theater receiver also include a host of equalizer presets. Almost all A/V amplifiers are integrated with composite and component video connectivity ports. Having these input ports guarantees backward compatibility and thus letting you link your out-dated audio and video devices such as CD/DVD players, and VCR.


Having this feature in your A/V receiver offers multiple advantages such as online music streaming and easy update of the receiver’s firmware. With DLNA, you can also access content on your house network and listen to music from your tablets, smartphone, and other smart devices.

Apple Airplay

Not all, but some particular A/V receivers are integrated with Apple’s Airplay that lets you stream videos, photos, music, and videos from iTunes or Airplay integrated device on a network.

USB for iPod Connectivity

If you got some older version of Apple devices that don’t support Airplay features such as 3G, iPod 2G, iPhone 3Gs, and more, then USB connectivity can be very convenient. If the USB input on you’re a/V receiver is certified to work with iPods, iPhones, and iPads, it can get rid of the need of having a docking station. With the USB connectivity on you’re a/V receiver, you can stream movies, music, and view images stored on your Apple device onto the HDTV.

Other Important Features

Radio Tuners

While there are a number of internet radio stations where you can simply listen to a lot of genres of music, it is still nicer to have an integrated FM/AM tuner in your A/V receiver so you can also tune-in your local radio channels.

Function Keys and Build Quality

The dimensions of your A/V receiver, build quality, and its weight is other vital factors to consider. Its design must have enough vents to guarantee that the heat produced over continuous usage is let out appropriately. Look for the function keys available if there are. Ideally, it must allow you to control most features of your system.

In-box Wires and Contents

When purchasing A/V receivers, you must check on the in-box contents such as batteries, remote control, power cables, etc., because if it doesn’t come with any connectivity cables, you might need to purchase them separately, and that could cost more.

The build quality and thickness of cables is a crucial factor to consider since it can impact on how nicer your home theater sounds. Additionally, try to look for the kind of material in mind because you can purchase the right theater system for your living room.

Obviously, you’ll also need to do a little research on the manufacturers that sell home theater packages, their features, available models, and more.


So there you have our 10 best home theater systems in India 2021. And as usual, it’s not completed unless we decide on which one is the number one home theater system among the list.

Well, without further ado the winner of this roundup is none other than Sony HT-RT40. The reasons are pretty obvious. Aside from the fact that it is made by one of the most prominent and credible electronics company in the world, it features the best dynamic cinema sound among the other home theater systems featured in this guide.

But aside from that crucial factor, it also features a whole ton of essential and excellent features that others don’t have, thus making it quite unrivaled in terms of overall aspect for the best home theater systems. Just review its specs and descriptions above, and you’ll most likely agree with me.

If you have a different liking or preferred home theater systems among the listed ones above, please feel free to comment down below which one it is, and share with us why you like it.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you guys. Cheers!

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