10 Best Uses of A USB Pen Drive

Nowadays, USB Pen Drive is as omnipresent as smartphones. As their prices come down, and their sizes decrease, a lot of consumers are using USB Pen Drive to copy/transfer files as well as to store data from one computer to another.

Furthermore, USB Pen Drive comes with large storage capacity! However, their uses are not actually restricted to just copying and transferring files. In fact, USB Pen Drive has many other methods that you may not know about.

Well, here are the 10 best uses of a USB Pen Drive.

10 best uses of usb pen drive

10 Best Uses of A USB Pen Drive

1.) Setting-up a Portable Linux system

A lot of different Linux distros will happily operate from a USB Pen drive. In short, you’re effectively operating an entire computer system packed on to a portable disk. You’d be able to take the USB Pen drive with you wherever you go, along with your saved apps and files, and plug it into any computer with a spare USB port to start up again where you left off.

Instructions for various other distros including Kali and Ubuntu are freely available on the internet, and you don’t need to be a technical person to get the operating system images written and downloaded to USB.

2.) Bring Your Applications Along With You

If operating a whole new operating system sounds a difficult task, then you can stay in Windows OS but keep the bulk of your installed apps and files on a USB drive. Meaning, they’ll stay out of the way of your primary OS and won’t clutter up the main hard drive mostly. Most popular apps can be operated in this approach.

The advantages are the same as operating Linux from a USB Pen drive: The ability to take your apps and files wherever you go. As long as you know you’ve got a PC that comes with a spare USB port, then it’s a lot more convenient to put a USB Pen drive in your bag than bringing a hefty laptop.

3.) Useful During Trips

Cloud services are now more regularly used to store files compared to USB Pen drive, but if you didn’t know, there’s actually one time that having the physical files on hand can be more beneficial, especially during vacation.

Keep your crucial files with you at all times, and you don’t need to be hunting around for a Wi-Fi connection just to open a cloud server to upload your stored files or wait for a rather slow and pricey cellular link to operate.

Indeed, you can still find a computer with a USB drive at your local internet café or hotel. However, it is notably more convenient to bring a USB Pen drive with little to no weight rather than lugging around a laptop. Besides, you won’t have the hassle and security problems of trying to type in your cloud account passwords on a computer which is not yours. Even if it is just a backup that comes with an itinerary, it is still worth putting together.

4.) Can Eliminate Certain Viruses

If ever your personal computer gets hit by a virus, fixing up the mess is not always easy and straightforward. In fact, the more advanced malware programs out there can easily take steps in ensuring that they will be hard to find and can resist typical removal techniques. Some might get deep into your PC or get you through online means.

Ultimately, that’s where a USB Pen drive cleans up kit comes in. Just get one or more on-demand scanners for the drive, and you’ve obtained a portable virus removal hardware that you can bring anywhere.

Programs such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit, Avira PC Cleaner, ClamWin Portable, and Anvi Rescue Disk are all free to use and will operate conveniently from a USB drive plugged into the infected machine.

5.) Make a Recovery or Back-up Drive

Specific tech issues can make your stomach sink just like a computer that can’t boot up. However, a USB recovery drive can help you get a Windows computer back on its regular operation again. You don’t have to get the recovery drive set up in advance for this to work.

To be, search for “create a recovery drive” from the taskbar then choose the top option when it appears. Click “Back-up system files to the recovery drive, then click “Next.”

After plugging in a USB Pen drive, select it from the list, and then click “Next” again then “Create.” After the process is complete, you’ll get a drive you can boot from in any crucial emergencies.

6.) Improve the Performance of Your Operating System

Windows OS features technology known as ReadyBoost, on which a USB drive can be utilized as a disk cache to speed up read and write processes.

It is not that effective or as broadly deployed on more modern systems. Nonetheless, this technique is still worth a try, and can actually make an impressive difference to performance if you are dealing with an older version of Windows desktop or laptop.

To begin with ReadyBoost, simply pop your USB Pen Drive into a Windows desktop, then open up File Explorer, right-click on the drive, and click Properties.

After that, open the ReadyBoost tab and simply follow the directions on-screen to prepare the drive. A dialog box should instruct you if the drive and your system are fit for ReadyBoost, and if you were able to see any changes and benefit.

7.) Conveniently Access Your Accounts

You need a particular type of USB Pen drive for this special method instead of just any USB Pen drive you have lying around your home. This trick is worth the try as it is still a cool use of the technology to be conscious of.

To begin with, you’d want to purchase a special USB stick that’s compatible with the (U2F) or FIDO Universal 2nd Factor standard. You can easily find them on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

And why would you even purchase one? Well, after following a simple setup instruction, you’d be able to use your new USB Pen drive to safely log into accounts such as Dashlane, Dropbox, Google, and many more.

This is possible because the USB Pen drive acts as a two-factor authentication layer, thus proving your authenticity and identity aside from your username and password.

8.) Get a Job or Establish new Connections

This one is another excellent use of packing files onto a USB Pen drive instead of linking them in the cloud.

If you’re applying for certain jobs, you can include the samples of your work, your CV, and perhaps a video presentation too, and ultimately pack everything up nicely and send it to prospective employers as one way of standing out from the rest of the applicants.

Even if you are contentedly hired, USB Pen drive can make for effective networking tools as well.

If you purchase up enough inexpensive USB Pen drive and pack them up with your portfolio and contact details, then you can hand them out at events similar to business cards.

Furthermore, you can even purchase business cards that come with a small USB stick built-in, that is if you think they will be beneficial and the receivers trust you enough not to think that you’re just trying to infect their computers.

9.) Securely Browse the Internet

We’ve already discussed operating apps or even an entire OS from just a USB Pen drive, but there’s actually another related use for a spare USB Pen drive. And that is cleaning up your tracks when browsing the deep web or regular web.

Tails operating system is basically an incognito system that can operate from a USB Pen drive, erasing all traces of your history and activities once the stick gets pulled out and turned off.

Moreover, if you want to dive into the world of Tor browser as well as the deep web, then you can actually do that too. Another feature that the Tails operating system can bring to the table is built-in encryption. Meaning, it is going to be just about not possible for someone to get at your confidential emails, files, and messages, even if you leave your portable USB Pen drive behind the train.

10.) Can Act as a Wonderful Mixtape

The period of the mixtape is most likely over now, but you can actually get into mixtapes once again by sticking a number of your favorite tunes on a USB Pen drive in MP3 form, then send it over to someone special to someone that can appreciate your music genre. Also, you can even add a handwritten track listing as well as liner notes to give the package that retro feel.

However, keep in mind that even if you have gigabytes upon gigabytes of free space on your USB Pen drive, try and restrict yourself to an album’s worth of songs; otherwise, your circle of friends might get overwhelmed with all the new songs they have to grasp.

Try to spend some time agonizing over the playing order as well since it is important to the entire project.


USB Pen drive is significantly useful tools capable of booting operating systems and ultimately fixing computers.

USB Pen drive drops in price each year, while at the same time, their storage capacity constantly doubles, thus making them an excellent necessity for any tech enthusiast who is always on the go.

And above all, they are very beneficial in terms of storing files.

How about you? Do you use USB Pen drive for something impressive or useful too? If so, please share them in the comment box below so we can add value to our discussion today, and ultimately help our fellow readers.

Have a great day!


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