How to Buy The Best Laptop in India (Buying Guide 2021)

Buying a laptop can be a mind-boggling thing. Everyone has their own budget according to their salary and expenses. Inside the budget purchasing a good laptop is not so easy. If you are also confused about How to Buy The Best Laptop in India then this will be a good journey inside this post for your laptop buying guide 2020.

Laptop specifications and their budget depend only on your personal needs and requirement. Many people have heavy tasks so they go for higher specifications and people who have Limited work can go for the lower specification.

Preference of laptops over the desktop is more because these are are compact and can be carried anywhere. Even now a small size laptop with good configuration is very popular among the people.

Once there was a time purchasing a laptop for a common people was very tough as its prices were in peak but after heavy fall down in the prices, it is easily affordable.

Even a student when goes to college their parents provide him a brand new laptop to assist them in their studies. I am not talking about the students who are in the field of it or the software department but also a student who is doing courses which are not associated with the computer. Anyone can search their study topic on the internet and find relevant information about what day they don’t easily find in their textbooks.

But there is a need when someone goes to purchase a new laptop. He needs to need everything about the requirement and the task which is to be performed by the system. So in this post, How to Buy The Best Laptop in India you can easily find the solution and understand What are the Specifications of a Good Laptop.

Let’s go and begin Laptop Buying Guide 2020.

How to Buy The Best Laptop in India

Laptop Buying Guide

Choosing the best suitable laptop for you in hurry is not a good idea. You should have the intention of investing some quality time to spend searching for the best configuration according to your requirements.

It is very necessary to know the things to consider when buying a new laptop. Whether it is size, screen quality, brand, configuration, connectivity features, central Processing Unit or Ram.

If you go to the market then you can get lots of choices available there but the matter is that it is always a confusing task. It is very complicated when there are lots of choices.

Knowing the best configuration for your requirement and need is the easiest solution to find out the best product. So this guide will help you to make this process is there for you.

Go through this post and you will learn whatever you want if you don’t have proper knowledge about the configuration of the laptop then and based on your task you can understand which processor, ram, CPU you will work for your need.

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Laptop Buying Guide 2020

The question arises that from the configuration what are the factors which are very essential to look at. Many parameters are there which should be present when we are going to purchase.

It is always not easy to answer the question of which laptop is the best. We don’t have any easy answers to this. Many factors are there which should be considered. Let’s begin and understand the factors which are really very important are for buying the best laptop for our needs.

10 Things to Look When Buying a Laptop

1. Laptop Size

The first and most important thing which can be different from person to person is the size of the laptop. Most people prefer the medium size to use but also there are many who like the smaller size of the laptop.

It is not like ram or ROM which can be upgraded after purchasing it. It is a one-time decision that will be permanent and you will not be able to change the screen size after a few days. Only the solution for this to alter the laptop.

If we talk about the sizes then here it starts at 11.6-inches which is smaller in size and attracts many people. Its size goes higher up to 17.3 inches. All sizes are their own customer but what you need you to have to decide. But in our opinion you should look for a screen size of 12.5-inches or 13.3-inches and weight should be between 1kg to 1.5.

One more thing to note that the laptop which has a smaller screen I mean 13.3 the doesn’t openly support the high-end Intel Core i7 CPU or graphic cards.

2. Processor

Humans have a heart that works continuously without stopping and because of that, every human being is alive when it stops or is captured by any functioning issue and humans are not able to survive very easily.

Similarly, a laptop works because of its processor. It acts as a heart for the laptop. Show the functioning of a processor should be known. And the importance of it should be pointed before going to purchase it. There is a wild ranger of processes available which include multiple ranges of prices.

The customer needs to identify the performance and task for his purpose. On the basis of performance required one has to decide which processor can easily complete his task.

There are many types of the processor which are being upgraded from time to time. If you are buying right now maybe after 1 or 2 years you will see the upgraded version of your processor will be available and you will think ok to have that one also.

We will discuss the processors which are available in the current time and used by the people normally.

Intel Xeon

Xeon processor is appointed where high-class performance and quality are required. This processor is used for gaming workstations and production houses. It is capable of serving users with her class performance and quality. Talk like high-class engineering 3D modeling professional programming graphic designing can we easily completed with this.

Intel Pentium/ Celeron

I have heard about the Celeron processor which was being used before a few years back. As it was the only option at that time so it was being used mostly. Celeron processor or Intel Pentium processor was cheaper but it cannot be used for high performance.

The people who want light work like searching the internet for playing the simple game was an easier task for it. Still, if someone is having an internet cafe that investing in i3 or i5 processors can be costly for him whereas we can simply implement Celeron processor computers with cheap price.

AMD Ryzen Mobile

AMD stands for advanced micro devices for desktop mobile and embedded platforms which are mainly based on the Zen microarchitecture and its Successors. Where Ryzen is a brand of microprocessors which includes X 86-64.

This is the category that has been designed to meet the power of the i5 and i7 processor. Which is micro but very smart and high performing.

Intel Core i3

I3 is a dual-core processor which can be used for both laptop and computer. It is one of the three types of processors in the I series which also includes i5 and I7. This is also named as Intel Core family of the processor.

I3 processor cost is always less than i5 and performance and productivity also differ according to its rate.

The people who have normal use of their laptop then they can use an i3 processor. It is very good for the students who study is and work for their projects in the system. Its prices are affordable in the sense of normal talk.

But I would like to say that the difference between i3 and I5 is not much but if you have i5 then you can experience best programming and gaming.

Intel Core i5

What is a computer processor with is developed and manufactured by Intel? It can be used on both laptop and desktop computers. It is one of the families of I series which also includes I3 and I7.

The Core i5 processor nowadays is available at several speeds. It can be started at 1.90 GHz which will last 3.80 GHz. Which also includes a cache of 3 MB 4 Mb and 6 MB. It is a quad-core processor that is made of 4 cores. I5 processor made up of 6 Cores.

Intel Core i7

Core i7 processor is the latest 8th generation intel chipsets. That comes with 4 and 6 Core and their frequencies are between 2.6- 3.7 GHz. I7 Processor was first introduced in November 2008.

High efficiency of i7 Processor makes it easier for the user to complete on time with high efficiency and accuracy for heavier tasks.

3. RAM (Random access Memory)

Which stands for Random Access Memory is the volatile memory and iD our work on the laptop or any desktop system depends upon its capacity. Higher the configuration of the RAM higher will be its performance in the sense of multi-use of applications.

Suppose if you are using a laptop with 2GB RAM would provide less is speed as compared to 4GB or 8GB. An increase in the capacity of Ram will not cost you much but it can give you the best experience during your work.

4. Memory or storage

Lots of tasks and projects which we have to store for future use. So it is necessary to have a storage device that has good performance and also speed. The hard drive which is faster and having good space will allow you to save larger files and projects inside the laptop.

The quality of the files is increasing so the increase in size is also possible. For the word like graphic designing, 3D modeling requires more space in the hard drive to perform smoothly.

If you are aware of hard drive then you can easily find out which is required for you and then you will be able to experience hi classes speed and productivity. There are many types of hard drives but SSD is like PCI x 4 units which provide marvelous speed and gives your wonderful experience.

5. Operating system

If I am wrong then you can correct me but in my point of view, the Operating system is just like the soul of the laptop or computer system. It helps to run the system by providing a bridge between hardware and software.

To make synchronization between Software and Hardware operating system place an important role. It helps to make the interaction of the user with the computer system.

The most used operating systems are Windows and MAC OS.

6. Display

Everyone nowadays wants clarity in their picture. Even if someone purchase a lED TV e is searching for a high amount of pixels. So now you can easily understand and focus on your laptop display.

You have to sit sometimes morning to evening or the whole night and your eyes will continue watching the display. So in this condition, higher the pixels will be safer will be your eyes.

Which will also give you a good User experience. Commonly most laptops have 1366*768 pixels which are now Overtaken by 1920*1080. Even people are going for a full HD display.

7. Battery

The requirement of battery is very essential when you face power issues in your area. But you are being a regular Traveller need a laptop with amazing Backup of battery.

For general students who stay at college then it’s not a big issue because there are several sources of power even if you are backup is normal. Dell laptop with higher configuration consumes more power to the battery drains very fast. In such a condition, a bad Backup of the battery can put you in trouble.

But in my Point of view Focusing on the battery is not that essential because it has a limited period of life and after that, the backup will not exist and your battery will drain very fast.


It’s really a very confusing task to purchase a good laptop. But if you want it to buy a good system for your task then you should know about How to Buy The Best Laptop in India. You should gather all the information and follow the laptop buying guide 2020.

If you already know about a laptop configuration then and it’s not an issue but it really going for the first time then it will be and headache for you. For your kind information, we have gathered a list of configuration which will surely guide you to choose the best model for your task. If you really like the post then please share it.


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