What Does it Mean When a Laptop is Refurbished

Are you planning to have a laptop but you don’t have that much money you can afford buying a new laptop. If you are trying to make the most value of every single penny of your money then refurbished laptop can complete your desire in a little amount of money in comparison to going to purchase a new one.

But if you don’t know what is a refurbished laptop then go through this article and you will come to know about it completely. Having complete information about anything can guide you to get the best things. You’ll be able to save money and get good functionality of any product without going for a new purchase.

Yes, there is some risk when you decide to have a refurbished laptop. But to help you we have decided to give you a guide about how to buy a refurbished laptop. We have created a list of tips regarding refurbished laptops. But if you have a budget of around 40k then you can go to buy the best Laptop under 40000 with i5 processor and 8gb ram in India.

What is a Refurbished Laptop?

Should You Buy a Refurbished Laptop

A refurbished laptop is a system that has been returned to the manufacturer by the customer because of any reason it and that customer got a refund for h returning it. This system may have some defect or it is not matching the customer requirement. If it is not capable of completing the constant was expectation then the customer returns it to the manufacturer and receives his money.

It also may happen that it has some defect so the customer has returned to the manufacturer and then before reselling it the defective component is repaired or replaced. After repair, it is tested to ensure it works properly or not. The system which goes through this process is always recognized as a refurbished computer or laptop.

Where Do Refurbished Laptops Come From?

Have you ever imagined that w from where these refurbished laptops come? M the refurbished laptops come from different sources it may be companies that it cell old laptops, and customers for Returns days because they are not satisfied with the product or it is having any defect.

There is data that explains that every year around 7 to 15 percent of people get the defected laptops. In which apple Laptops fail rate is about 79% per year whereas Windows laptops around 15 %.

The Difference Between Used and Refurbished

Refurbished laptops are those products which have been returned back to its manufacturer by its customer due to some defect or it may also possible that customer is not satisfied with the configuration of that product. After repairing or servicing that laptop is tested and verified whether it works properly or not. Then after verification, this is made available for customers with the refurbished labels.

For your kind information refurbished products maybe new items because this can be unused customer return products. They may be defective products that were returned under warranty. After repairing the defects this is made available for customers.

On the other hand use, products may or may not be defective. If you go to purchase a used laptop then its battery can be less efficient. And the backup will be not as good as a furbished product.

Should You Buy a Refurbished Laptop?

If you are looking to buy a new laptop then there are some options available for you through which you can get the same configuration and working condition laptop at cheap price. This desire can be completed by a refurbished laptop. But if you don’t have any idea about used and refurbished laptop then her we are to complete your information regarding this.

Everyone wants to save their money as much as you can. There is nothing a product that can be used in whole life. Close it is out of order after some time whether it can be due to configuration or due to the speed of the processor.

Every day new updates are coming in every product so in laptop also in one year we can and see many changes and new technology is implemented. The software also runs on the latest configuration processor and motherboard if I have something out of dated and out of order product then the new software will not support in my laptop and computer. Is necessary to have a system which meets the requirement of us.

Tips for Buying a Refurb Laptop

Know the Difference Between Refurbished and Certified

There are few online companies like eBay that do not check the condition of a laptop that comes for sale in their platform. They work like just a platform where a seller and a buyer can communicate. So this is completely the risk of the buyer whether he gets a good or bad product.

The refurbished laptop can be of two categories. One can be certified another non-certified. If it is tagged with certified then it is sure this is refurbished with fully working conditions and beneficial for you. On the other hand, if we talk about just refurbished and confirmed a certified then hair buyer can get a laptop which may be still defective because no one is taking a guarantee for that. So try to purchase a laptop from an agency which gives you certification about the furbished laptop.

But if you want to buy a brand new laptop then this guide How to Buy The Best Laptop in India (Buying Guide 2019) can surely give a clear idea about purchasing a good laptop.

Get a One-Year Warranty if Possible

If you are planning to purchase a refurbished laptop 10 make sure you get a warranty for at least one year. It is true that you are buying not a nucleus but a refurbished laptop is also equal to A nucleus which was a defective then serviced and now it is made available to sell. If you are investing even a single penny that it is really valuable for you so you have to get some Assurance from that company also that you are getting a good product.

There will be some refurbished laptop which will come with a shorter warranty period. Hence their battery can be less efficient. So always try to get a laptop with a one-year minimum warranty.

Examine Your Laptop Right Away

We know that maximum people are attracted to the look of the laptop but it is not necessary that they will get good configuration. Just by look, it is not possible to understand whether its working condition is good or bad.

You should have some knowledge about the working condition of the laptop. Only then you can taste it by yourself. Mouse, keyboard, motherboard, display, processor are the main parts of a laptop.

Are you should check your display whether it is having any scratch or not. Once you have to turn it on and check how many applications it can run simultaneously. You should go to the device manager and check all the parts available and shown there. You can easily find out the RAM size and also is storage capacity.

You Can Give a Refurbished Laptop as a Gift

If you have the plan to gift a laptop to Charity or any one of your friend then it can be a good choice to purchase a refurbished laptop. These are also new laptop and we have already explained about its condition.

So you can get a new piece of a laptop with less price and In good working condition. It can be a money-saving decision for you.


With this article you have understood the concept of refurbished laptop now you are able to explain to anyone what is refurbished laptop. Now you can advise your friends and relatives about this type of product. And you can tell them whether they should buy it or not. You would have also got an idea about used laptops and refurbished products. Cleary you have understood the difference between used and refurbished laptops.

Before going to purchase you should follow some tips then you will surely purchase a good piece. Good configuration with a guarantee is really necessary for buying this. The guarantee assures you that it is reliable.

If they are going to buy a refurbished laptop then what are the things they should consider. If you like this post please subscribe to our newsletter.


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